The Never Ending Quest - Episode 35101

Josh's attacks on the vending machine had exposed some electronics.
Even Josh's sound effects are slightly gross.
Josh awakens a few minutes later, still feeling tingly. The snack machine seems to mock him, but this is partly due to Josh not having had any Prozac in eight weeks.
Josh realizes that...

  1. he should go back upstairs, despite the gap.
  2. he should continue down.
  3. the snack machine had a 'Free Snack' option, some 'Generic Chips'. Yes, they were literally called 'Generic Chips'.
  4. his nose is bleeding. From the left nostril, the 'lucky' one.
  5. he has peed himself.
  6. he can hear cats.
  7. he can hear the musical 'Cats'. Now and forever!
  8. Reed Richards is kind of annoying.
  9. he is buck naked.
  10. the vending machine is slightly on fire. Can he use this to gain snackage?

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1/27/2007 3:49:29 AM

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