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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 35099

Josh comes to in what appears to be a hospital room. He is hooked to an IV, and there is a card next to the bed. The last thing he remembers is the vending machine coming at him like inevitability itself. Sighing, he shifts in the bed, provoking sharp pains in his chest. "Owies..." he whimpers, and looks for the TV remote.

"Hi, Josh" says a familiar voice, and there sitting in one of the chairs is none other than Mitchell. He is holding the remote. "Scott went out to get some snacks, he will be back in a bit."

Josh cannot help but smile. Sure, he had wanted to escape the Staircase Room, but in the end this is his family. He would trade that bed for a Teal couch any day. He is still smiling, when the doctor comes in.. who is not smiling.

"Ah, Mr. Burbank," he says. "I have quite a bit of information for you, so listen up. First, your X-rays show that you have cracked three ribs. That will need to heal so very very limited movement for at least two weeks. Second, a complaint has been filed against you and Scott here for hitchhiking in Tower realities not your own. Not only hitchhiking, but hijacking. "

"Now, that's hardly tru..." starts Scott, but is cut off from a glare from the doctor.

"This is serious, gentlemen. This complaint is being lodged from very High and Low and apparently there are maidens in distress and dragons terrorizing countrysides and psycho wine-cellar masters turning moons into eyes and crazy anthropomorphic adventures and doctors in Anyway, tons of stuff going on that has been ruled allowable. This stuff needs attention, but is not getting it because you two are too busy having Staircase adventures. "

"But...but... but" sputters Josh, but is again cut off by the doc.

"No buts!" and the doctor sighs. "look, I personally enjoy your antics but a ruling has come down. Get your arses back to horsehockey, and out of our realms. You have 72 hours. Then, we send a Squad." he then leaves the room. The door shuts with, to risk being cliche, Finality.

There is silence for a few minutes while this news sinks in...

And then?

  1. Josh and Scott talk about 'Aw hell no!" and how they arent taking that crap from a doctor
  2. Scott and Josh hole up in the Staircase Room. They aren't going out without a fight.
  3. Josh and Scott try to open the Staircase Room window. Maybe Horsehockey is outside.
  4. They all cry. This hurts Josh, because of his ribs.
  5. Surrender to inevitability.

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