Bad Choice, Bro

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 28611

All throughout the movie Fred is making "Oh yeah!" noises and punching motions as things blow up and Seagal punches all the bad guys. When he is not punching he is nibbling through two gallons of popcorn. At one point his drink splashes Karen's dress. After the movie Fred drives Karen home. She is strangely silent, but no matter. Fred talks the whole way, rehearsing every graphic scene in the movie two or three times over. When he arrives he turns and puckers up for a good night kiss.

WHACK!! "Fred Donner, I never want to see you again. I thought you were somebody special, but you're not my type." Karen storms out of the car.

Fred looks after her sadly. He knows he done wrong, and that he will never have that type of love again. Right then, right there, his poor heart breaks.

  1. Fred Donner dies of heart break.
  2. Fred Donner is transported to another dimension.

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5/26/2003 7:07:56 PM

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