Footprints of the Dragon

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 27572

Much as Fred regretted to leave a lady behind unprotected-- especially one as attractive as Amy--she was clearly off her gourd and would have posed a serious danger to Fred later. He should have suspected that she was crazy from the moment she told him that story about people being ground up into skin cream. [2015] Still, Fred couldn't help but feel a tinge of regret--she certainly seemed to be interested in him, and Fred had never been very confident or successful with women. Well, never mind. His knigthly duty came first, and there would always be other women to rescue.

Fred was so distracted that he didn't notice the indentation until the had fallen into it. He stumbled, and before he could do anything he hit the soil of the island. After a few seconds (his heavy armor could be a bit of a disadvantage in situations like this), he was able to pull himself up and take stock of what exactly he had fallen into.

It was a footprint, fairly shallow but about as long as he was tall. It was clearly the footprint of a Dragon. It couldn't have been the Dragon of the Southern Caves, of course, because Fred had killed it and was now on a mission to find the King's mistress. [915] But it was still a Dragon, and Fred knew from experience how dangerous Dragons could be. It seemed odd that there would be one here, where there had been no reports of Dragon activity whatsoever. Perhaps the Dragon had even caused the King's mistress to vanish.

At any rate, Fred decided that the best idea was to follow the Dragon's footprints. He set off to the east, where they led. After several hours of walking through the deceptively lovely forests of the island, he came to a clearing. In the center of this clearing, to his surprise, was a beautiful woman tied to a stone pillar. She wasn't naked, though. Fred immediately recognized her as

  1. The King's mistress, Jessica.
  2. Exotica, the King's daughter and a Dragonslayer in her own right.
  3. Astra, warrior princess of the nearby nation of Aqualaria.
  4. His ex-girlfriend, Diana.
  5. Fabiola, the new high priestess of the goddess of wisdom.
  6. His sister, Rowena.
  7. Emelia, a mysterious adventurer who claimed to be from another world, who'd aided him on his previous quest.
  8. Melissa, a time traveller from a possible future who he'd met under circumstances far too convoluted to explain here.
  9. Castellan the Heretic, his old enemy, who'd recently transferred his mind into the body of a beautiful woman.
  10. Amy. Huh?

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