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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 27571

"I mean," continued Amy, "the world as we know it does so little, and still to each one of us, means so much. It is as if there is something much more transpiring here before us, but the worry to grow grain or to fight continually impedes our ability to see things as they really are. I see things as they really are. Take clothes for example. Why do you wear them? Why? Because you are a victim of your own society. That's why. Animals need no clothing and neither should we."

She continued on and on about the need to get rid of clothes. Fred picked her up sternly by the arm. She continued talking. "And you are comfortable in your unreality. That's why you do this. But I believe you are cut out to wake up. You are different. "

Fred tied off a quick knot to the tree. That would hold her. Then he got the dog and tied it up too.

"SOMEDAY! SOMEDAY YOU'LL ALL SEE I WAS RIGHT!" yells Amy as he walks away.

  1. Fred comes across an unmistakable footprint of the dragon.
  2. Fred comes to a small town full of very short people.

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