Elf into Elf

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 26688

Jenny Elf

Ah, I see we have an audience. Well, since I appear to have people interested in my part in this epic I might as well tell tales!

Since you wanted to learn a bit about me before we go any further, I'll be the good hostess and comply. Now, the best way, in a way (more on that in a moment), to understand just where I grew up! That and just which tribe (the "Wolfriders") I grew up It is covered in great detail (much to my chagrin) by those of Warp Graphics who've posted it on the Net for both a general timeline:

http://www. elfquest.com /pubs/eqbody. html

and the bios of not only of my tribe, but other elfin tribes as well:

http://www. elfquest.com /pubs/Character Bios2. html

Yeah, you got it. Unlike most tales of elves which takes place in medieval times, my "tale" happened during the later part of the Stone Age. Eflin magic on my world was more organic, less structured than regular magic on other worlds. Point in fact, according to Ti'mma, it wasn't even magic! Rather, it was something called psionics (which is almost like magic, except one could put it as "magic" without illusions of grandeur). As for Wolfrider life (my life), think of it as something like regular elfin society (like what you'd see with "wood elves" I guess), mixed in a dose of American Indian traits. Okay, got that? Now, forget it!

See, here is the deal with me. I've been....transformed AND the very reality I haled from isn't even dust now! With my transformation from one kind of elf into what could only be termed as a Terra Prime elf, I've....changed.

Let me explain.

I wasn't a normal "Wolfrider" elf even before coming to Terra Prime. I'd been born with weak eyes, you see. Was near sighted, you understand. Could see things close up and the general (fuzzy) outlines at a distance, but it was a decided strike against me in such a harsh world I lived in. To make things even more interesting, I found that I couldn't easily eat meat! In a tribe who's main staple of diet was raw meat, being a vegetarian (and by choice), made me stand out! So I rarely left the Holt (my tribes "homebase"), instead concentrating on the hearthside skills like leatherworking and such. Did not even have a wolf friend like the others of my tribe, instead making do with Sammy Cat (a feline friend that those....dark elves killed.....)

When I made the mistake of saying, in joke, that I wanted a feather to tickle Sammy's whiskers, he'd gone running off in search for just the thing. Ah, but instead of boring you with those details, I'll just show you this place and be done with it:

http://www. geocities.com /rule179/ CharacterBios/ Jenny.html# Jenny

While not exactly, totally a Terra Prime elf (have a bit of the old homeland leavening my character), I am not and never shall be that shy, quiet little elfin girl who'd finally chosen Terra Prime as her home. I seemed to have. . . . caught the adventuring bug from Ti'mma D'Honaire. I've been told I've matured into a quiet but competent (and brave) adventuring elfin lass, but I'll let others decide upon that. Otherwise it sounds like I'm....bragging about myself. Something that I just frown upon, being a braggart! Oh, I admit I am rather talented now with being a mage of some note. Being able to sings a song of whimsy (a holdover from my Xanth time).


A wife and love of the most handsome (and sexy) former dwarf turned elf you've ever seen!!


Ur, hrmph!

Yes, he's quiet a love and very....wise. See, he led me to....something special. For a long time I'd been lost, belief wise. Before, in some kind of vague way, my religious belief was something of ancestor whorship (of the High Ones, the forefathers of the various elfin tribes). Actually meeting (and becoming not only a friend but something of a daughter/sister) of one (i.e. Ti'mma) kind of....punctures the illusion of almost godhood, I fear. Oh, I love her....but she's (and her "analog" sisters) not....quiet what I expected (or wanted) as a "god". I know from my time on Terra Prime and such there is Something bigger than myself out there and.....through Tarin, my love, I found religion. I now am a member of the Church of the Forge.


How odd, that religion. A decidedly dwarven theology that had secretly been adopted by elfin people in the void created by a realization/belief that their elfin gods and goddesses were....false. False because in their eyes what had befallen them by the fall of the ancient Elfin Nation (a Night of Fire blamed upon the Atlantian slavers) shouldn't have happened if They'd....cared for Their followers. So, something like 9/10ths of elfin society secretly adopted a new religion while overtly worshipping the olden gods, not wishing to appear the heretic to their supposedly upright and "true believing" elfin neighbors. Irony, that. The shell cracked and fell away, finally, when Ke'lan of Terra Prime openly admitted to his nation that he no longer believed in his old faith, but instead was a Christian (a decidedly human religion in origin). Yes, ironic indeed, with that remaining 1/10th of elves only being lukewarm in their beliefs.



Well, that aside, that's besides the point!

Adventure awaits as we exit the TARDIS (my love and self hand in hand) right in front of a very familiar seeming pair of cavern entrances to some, I'm sure!

  1. "And somewhere inside is that Dragon and Checkers," I mutter to myself, feeling a chill of the elfin version of adrenaline.
  2. "And somewhere inside is that Dragon and Checkers," I mutter to myself, feeling a chill of the elfin version of adrenaline. [Alternate version]

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