To the Cave

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 26698

Tarin Gazin and Jenny Elf walked hand in hand toward the yawning entrances of the Dragon's Cave. There was no fear, doubt or regret in their elfin hearts. The mission was what mattered.

"It never ends, does it?" Jenny sighed.

"No, it doesn't." Tarin said. "No matter how often or how hard we crush the evils of the universes, they always spring back up like weeds. Truly, the job of an Eternal Champion is much like the concern of a gardener - with the universes as our soil, that ever must we till with love and patience as our tools."

"You are so poetic, my love." Jenny said, resting her head on Tarin's muscular shoulder.

"But all the beauty of all the poetry ever written would nary compare to your presence." Tarin said honestly. "my darling Jenny."

They soon reached the entrances. After a moment's reflection, they decided to take the left. Mere minutes later, a cave dweller ran up to greet them - a mangy-looking little terrier dog that barked and yipped as it danced around their ankles.

"Why, he's positively adorable!" Jenny breathed. "What's your name, little friend?"

The pup continued barking and cavorting. "It's almost as if he wants to tell us something." Tarin said. "What is it, boy? Are you hungry? Are you lonely? Sick? Choleric? Rabid?"

The pup seemed to roll his eyes. He danced away, stopped and barked as if he wanted the elves to follow.

"Tarin, this is no ordinary dog." Jenny said. "He seems intelligent - as if he wants to show us something! But... maybe we should look for his owner and take him back home."

Tarin shook his head. "We don't have time. Perhaps he knows where the Dragon and Checkers are. Do you, boy?"

The pup barked loudly and seemed to nod his head.

"How wonderful!" Jenny laughed. "I will call him Sammy. Sammy Dog."

"Well then, Sammy Dog." Tarin said. "Lead the way!"

And so, led by an intelligent hound, the elves continued deeper into the winding cave passages. Little did they know...

  1. ...that they were about to meet an Evil that made the Dragon pale by comparison!
  2. that Velus had no intention of leading them to the dragon.

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