A Song of Daydreams of Love

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 26540

Tarin Gazin 2


Right now you are wondering, I'm sure, on what is taking place inside this strange craft? Hm, good question the first which I shall answer as best as I am able.

As for the second, it slightly befuddles me that you would want to know of such a person as myself. Frankly, I would have thought you'd be more fascinated by my love, Jenny, or my human friends. Very well, since you insist:

http://www. geocities.com /rule179/Character Bios/DemifoxBio. htm#tarin

Now, with that done, let us get back to the first question, eh? See, as you might have guessed, time travel is involved. Right now this craft has landed (in a sense) on my old homeworld, traveling back a few scant years to the last few minutes when I was still clutching at the last shreds of dwarf inside my new body. due to a still, small fear I had. Some small trace within me had the fear of what becoming wholly elfin meant, you see. Even at that late stage! Amazing.


But be that as it may, I (my earlier self, let us just say for convenience) had just finished answering a "call of nature" that elves seem to share in common with dwarves and had fasten closed my garbs when a soft, haunting song flickered into my sharp pointed ears....and hit me (er...my younger self) with the force of the Forge's Hammer itself!

We inside the faux TARDIS witness this, silently, on a magical screen as this happens. Provided by the Celestrial who made this mock up, no doubt, to witness events unrevealed to them until now. Jarlath and the others had wondered about this business that had gone on whilst I'd been off in the bushes.

As for why just Jenny herself and not the others. Well, 'tis simply that this part of this "business trip" as Jarlath puts it is entirely between her and my younger self. Destiny, perhaps, even. 'Tis the way she wants it so it is the way we do it. The song whispers just enough "future stuff" within his song benumbed mind to let him know who she is and what lays in store for him. Championship business, which he shall slavishly follow, as his Elfin Heart dictates he must.

Ah yes, my elfin Heart. So much wiser in affairs of love than the elfin mind, I fear, even in those elves who've been elves all their existence. What a botch I would have made of things without it if I had not it's guidance in my new elfin life.... I'd try to handle things in a dwarven manner and oh my gods what a mess that would be!!


Sigh. Must smile happily when I say that. It's so....true. That's something that both Artizza and Fertal can vouch for, believe me!

As for Jenny having a magical song...

See, my love has a magical ability to sing magical songs that causes those it ensnares in flights of fancy, daydreams. Well, the "daydream" I had was.....powerful. In a daze, my younger self walked over and met Jenny Elf (who'd left the faux TARDIS to greet him). In a daze, only able to see, hear, smell (even taste) Jenny Elf! The fact that my younger self had company besides Jenny doesn't register (much to my consternation).

Without sound or fanfare to give ourselves away to the younger version of Jarlath's group, the faux TARDIS deposits my younger self somewhere on Terra Prime (well away from prying eyes) back in time before the present (long story in the reasons to just why that was needful we need not go into right now) for that Test that those who love Champions are allowed to take. His head has cleared enough for what must happen next and after meeting with the Rule and Agent, and mind befuddled yet AGAIN with a spell augmented kiss from Jenny (thus putting him back into a temporary trance), we all travel back again to my old homeworld (which I myself, as opposed to my younger self, cannot tread) and my younger self gets to go off with his fellow Champions to finish up what they'd set off to do. The details of what my younger self must do for his Validation Quest have already been told, so I shall not bore you.

What? What happened to me in my final shift? Where I lost my last traces of dwarf and became wholly elfin in mind, body, and soul?


Ah, but as you know by now those who do not go insane to having their Matrix altered become the new species. What it means for me is that I am an elfin man who is as close to being an dwarf as is possible. That is, I'm an elf with a LOT of dwarf like quirks! The lust that dwarves have for gold has transmuted into a fine desire for that shiny metal in as far as what kind of artful things my elfin hands can shape it into. I still work metals for weaponry and armor, but I now also include a bit of elfin magery into my artwork (and put an elfin flair into the engravings when I can). I still fight with a dwarven ax (mine by birth right), but I had to put magic into it in order to use it as I did before (regaining the striking power it had before my transformation). My fighting style is still what you'd see in a dwarf, but done elfin quick.

Sort of like Zorro on crack, I am told. Much like what I would be able to do if I managed to go into a bezerker rage (but would be able to tell friend from foe).

Yes, Tarin Gazin done over as an elf. All the rough dwarven edges sanded off and redone with elfin grace and style.

Sigh, now that you’ve talked with me about me I shall now turn you over to my wife, Jenny. See, this is a very strange honeymoon we are on, but it has it’s appeals, as she would say....

Ah, my wife. What a time we had at twin ceremonies of both had! Have not only managed to have a fine dwarven style wedding....but also she had agreed (after years of gentle ministrations from yours truly) to join my faith.

  1. Ah, but let her tell you about herself! She’s full of insight on elves and their odd beliefs, being something of an outsider...

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