A Weird Feeling of Elf Association...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 25263

Artizza tells their tale, pausing to scratch her nose afterwards, an itch not being able to be denied....


To say that I am surprised that I find my own nose itching as I...er....bend the truth (damnit, it's needful with the stakes) with the sympathetic listener would be a bit of an understatement! I outgrew that tendency soon after gaining my womanhood!

Looks like there is a definite downside to the transformation to my rightful form! At least I was able to make it look natural enough, not giving away that I am not being entirely truthful.

The itch had been very intense especially when I had told our listener our names were "Fred and Astra". While I love my new name (and Fertal agrees with me that they fit our new selves), I and Fertal had agreed beforehand that a more human seeming name would play into the fiction of us being victims of one of those magestorms.


Well, it just goes to show that our former selves are just that, former! Still, apparently a bit of the old is still within. Guess new bodies don't make new people...just the person being expressed in the new way, as it were.

We get our directions, thank him, and don't mention that we'd be flying there instead of walking (or riding by ordinary horse). The man said it was a few days away, by horseback, but....we didn't mention any flying horses so...

Yep, you get the idea.

So we take a round about way, following by air the landmarks we'd been told to follow by foot.

The place itself where the base is situated.....must doff my hats to them if for nothing else but for beautiful scenery (made more picturesque by a slight shifting in tree leaf coloration due to minor mage storms, perhaps)! Fertal and I stare a bit down at a peaceful meadow that was still clinging to the morning dew. A pleasant, autumnal scene met our shadowy eyes. A low ridge of woodsy hills lined the horizon, set ablaze with the many fiery colors of the autumn season; the spirited clear red of the maples, the rusty-yellow of the elms, the vibrant orange of the oaks, offset and relieved by verdant cedars and various evergreens.

Makes my elfin heart soars as I look at such beauty! So distracting it was, in fact, that we....


We are in the process of landing when we have a....a mid-air collision with a bunch of flying carpets?!

We'd been trying to take it easy on our faithful mount, who'd serve us so well thus far, and had let it just glide up amongst the thermals. Thus, between the distraction of the trees and the horse taking a quick, easy swooping dive to conserve his energy, we'd not spotted them coming from that way!

They almost have the look of being in a hurry to move out? Talk about weird luck!! Must have gotten here in time before they'd move Rebecca to wherever! Maybe we can perhaps....?

But that only flitters for a second or three through our elfin minds when I and Fertal actually get a good LOOK at some of the riders!

I feel Fertal, my love, jerk in surprise as he seems to...get something from looking at the Oriental twins on one carpet. As for myself? Well, I have the weirdest...sensation when I look upon a red haired woman...who looks like I (elf or not).....! A feeling of....kinship?

  1. And then....

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MSG (with excert from Id's episode 25187 for the New Amazonian camp description)

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