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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 25265

Astra 9:

Those of us who haven't gone with Illura's party to meet Erica find that we have enough time after Hengist's funeral to pay the New Amazon camp a visit, to see how Rebecca and Andrea are getting on. That's apart from Aaron, who is being kept very busy by affairs of state. So apart from myself, Jarlath, Cuthbert and the two Joans from amongst the Champions make the trip, plus Aladdin and his children.

We find that everything is going smoothly, and after a few hours set off on our return journey. That's when one of our two carpets - which are just taking off - has a mid-air collision with a flying horse, of all unlikely things, which is coming in to land by the look of it. And it's being ridden by two dark elves, a species that shouldn't even exist on this world (unless they've been brought in by one of the chaos events). They spot us just as we spot them, immediately before the collision, and I notice the female staring at me.

I'm thrown off my carpet, from a height of about twelve feet. There wouldn't have been time for one of the mages to cast a spell of Feather Fall, but fortunately we've made it a standard operating procedure when travelling by carpet to cast one on all of us in advance, just in case. So I float gently to the ground.

The elves are less fortunate, hitting the ground hard. They suffer several minor injuries, and are knocked unconscious. That's convenient for us, as naturally we view them with deep suspicion. Sadly, their flying horse has broken a leg, something that's beyond the ability of our mages to fix, and the only humane thing to do is to put it down.

  1. There's something strangely familiar about the female elf. And whoever heard of a red-headed dark elf anyway?

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4/5/2003 10:09:30 AM

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