Aftermath of a Battle

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2426

Sigin landed as quickly as having babies on board would permit. Astra ran to Fred. To her relief, she found that he had a strong and steady pulse and that his injuries seemed superficial. Then she heard a cough from Synizn, and turned to look at him. He had come round, and was attempting to sit up. "Take it easy," she cautioned, going over to him. "Astra and Sigin!" he managed. "How'd you get here so quick? We got jumped by Moreau when we were transported here an hour or so ago." Astra realised that an hour here must correspond to maybe a week outside. Synizn went on: "We weren't expecting her. But she wasn't expecting the Crystallic that she had called up to be accompanied by someone who knew how to use it, I fancy. So though she got a few shots in - and one bolt that looked to be direct to Fred's head, which worried me - I was able to fry her with our toy just before I lost consciousness myself." And he indicated where the Crystallic lay a few feet away from him. "That thing fries even better than dragonfire," he finished.

  1. Fred wakens suffering from amnesia. He doesn't recognise Astra, is surprised by the demifox, and wants to attack the dragon.
  2. The use of magical energies in the battle has destabilised the city's shield.

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