Prone and vulnerable.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2425

Don't worry dear Astra, Sigin sends to her as that worry crosses her mind. The trick is to be able to get MY shields to match the magical harmonic vibrations of the cities magical shields. That way you, I, and your children can pass through without resistance. This method is as old as the Atlanteans......because that is the way they were able to have traffic enter and exit small enclaves. It should work on this large scale version of those magical fortress shields.

Down and down further the couple the edge of the magical barrier that is keeping the strangely glowing city dry for all these years. The dragon pauses....appearing to hover inside the magical diving bubble, and then the bubble flickers. The dragon chuckles and then flies through the city's shield, and then glides downward to land below. Astra, however, spots something amiss below!!

"LOOK!" Astra screams over the wind, pointing at two prone figures on the ground below....near a plaza. "It's....."

It's Fred and Synizn!! agrees the startled Sigin. Something is wrong, their unconscious or something because.....

Because they are slumped next to the form of a still smoldering humanoid figure. As the dragon and his passengers, they see that Fred and Synizn are also beat up and dinged. Some titanic battle has just occurred, and it appears that the charred corpse was the loser.

  1. But are the prone figure below the winners, or was the victory pyric?

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