Well, this calls for a drastic change of plans!!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2456

Astra and the others are able to rouse Lord Fred, who groans and clutches his head.

"Ye God!" he groans, clutching his head like it's going to fall off. "I feel like I've been kicked in the head by a warhorse!!" Indeed, Astra gives Sigin and Synizn a worried look, because the pupils of Freds eyes aren't dialated evenly. One iris is opened wider than the the other. This is a classical sign of one thing: concussion.

"Hold on, Fred," Synizn says in a gentle voice. "I've got something that will help.

"It's a trick that only dragons know," the demi-fox explains as he has Fred lay down. "It's usually used for healing shattered minds....like shattered as in driven insane, but it works for this, also. Just takes a bit longer.....since there's actual physical damage...."

For the next half hour, the demi-fox is leaning over and lightly touching Fred's head. Both he and Fred glow an eerie light blue, and Synizn's fox tail is standing up on end as if in fright.

Fred then sighs in relief and Synizn slumps, exhausted, as the glow fades.

"Hey," Fred says concerned as he sees how listless his friend has become. "Are you okay?"

"I'll....be fine," the demi-fox chuckles. "I just forgot how draining it can be to do something like that."

But I'd do that and more for you, my friends! the demi-fox thinks fiercely to himself. You gave me back my life....my dignity....and that's something I NEVER expected from a 'mere' human! You've shown me what your race is capable of....what I think Malachi had glimpsed at sometimes. I'm forever in her and your debt, and I WILL live up to the pledge I made to serve you and yours for as long as this mortal shell lasts! Though it's not as long as......

A loud *CRACK* sound interrupts this line of thought. All look up and gasp at what they see above them. The magical shield that has kept the sea out of this dark city for so long....is cracking and crazing like as much window glass!! There is water spurting through the cracks (which are growing by the second!!

Sigin, seeing this, shouts for the others to climb aboard him and hang on for dear life!! The captain/mage/dragon leaps into the air with a gust of wind, all the while chanting the spell to raise his diving bell/sphere and THEN adjusting it so that it will phase through the rapidly failing Atlantian sheilds above. The dragon phases through with his passangers are nearing the surface when a loud *WHOOOOOSH!* hammers their ears. Looking back, the adventurers see that the magical shield has collaped spectacularly, it imploded under the preasure of tons and tons of seawater.

Later, on the island of Havannan....

"Oh boy," groans Synizn, trying his best to help Astra quiet the frightened babies (who had been scared silly by the noise of the fell cities demise). "This does through a sabot into the works but GOOD! But, maybe......."


The little fox, after settling down in his cabin on deck, has just been viewing some of the more obscure features of his "toy" when he makes a breath taking discovery. His yells bring his friends, who are curious as what is the matter!

  1. They rush in and see.....eldritch pictures form above the glowing Crystallic......

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