Fred or not?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 23304

The living body of fred retraced his steps."Must find food..",he murmured.He suddenly felt a strange felling in his stomach."Ugh"'he said as he still retraced his steps.The feeling got worse."Unn..Uh..Ugh.."he said weakly.The feeling got so bad he had to stop his hunt for food.ARGH AHH Help me please!Anyone!Save me!"he screamed.By now he was rolling around on the floor yelping for help.Then it all stopped.He stood up."That was quite a weird expirience",that was now Fred again.All of the sudden Fred saw a dark shadow coming towards him."Who..Who are you"? stammered Fred."I've come for you..",said the dark figure.Then he grabbed red's shoulder."I am the grim reaper and you are dead so come with me".

  1. Go with him.
  2. Fight back.
  3. Tell him to take the dog instead.

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2/7/2004 12:11:26 PM

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