Grim for the Reaper

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 38526

Fred tries to fight back against the Grim Reaper. He unsheathes his sword and aims a blow at the Reaper's head. However the blade simply passes through his adversary as if through thin air.

The Reaper laughs, grimly.

"No mortal weapon can harm me." it intones mockingly, "nor can the hand of man cause me harm."

It is at this point that Fred has one of his very occasional brainwaves. "No mortal weapon, eh? The hand of man?".

Just then Fred trips and tumbles forward. The Reaper leans forward to catch Fred in his fall.

"Sucker!" Fred roars, grabbing his adversary's cloak in both hands and placing a swift knee in Death's wherewithalls.

The Reaper drops as if poleaxed and lies curled up on the ground, whimpering like a wounded dog.

"Now, where were we?" Fred smiles

  1. The Reaper agrees to return Fred to the start of his Quest
  2. The Reaper agrees to return Fred to the middle of his Quest
  3. The Reaper agrees to be Fred's personal guide to the Afterlife

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