The Short of It Is....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 23087

This was after she had surprised him (and rather herself when you get down to it) by refusing such a tempting offer by that one "god" known as Hades....

The short of it was....

See, originally the "Queen of Evil" in Limbo had been the catwoman named Mirage, now Princess Mirage! Her and Jasmine's existence had been reflected in a Disney cartoon named "Alladin" for the most part, except in some parts there were some decidedly ADULT situations that you can be assured only happened "off camera" as far as the TV execs would say. If you haven't seen the movie, then rent the video and watch it, it's not going to be rehashed out yet again here and now.

Anyway, things had been like the TV show until Mirage, the Elemental of Evil, had cast a spell and stolen Alladin's libido, leaving a rather embarrassing and explosive political situation for the ruling family if that was to become public knowledge for reasons we shan't go into right now. Jasmine (still a "goodie" as those in England might term her) had gone off and tried to steal it back from Mirage, and instead got caught and then transformed by Mirage (then still a "badie") into a Dark Elemental of Lust (a demon who was both male and female, now). Jasmine had soon succumbed to the dark nature of her new being, and thus started things in motion here. In an escape attempt earlier, the transformed Jasmine had somehow gotten a hold of some kind of magical egg that was to play a big part in one of Mirage's convoluted and complex revenge plots on Alladin and his nation for past perceived insults to her and such. However, in the escape attempt (made possible by Jasmine having been able to catch Mirage off guard and knock her out with that very egg) the thing had been damaged. Not needing Jasmine present, Mirage had upon wakening instead started to cast yet another spell that would have hurt Jasmine even more, making her into some kind of love slave in constant need of....sexual release. Bad, considering her partners fed her eternal hunger as well as being transformed into metallic statues in the process making. The plan had been for Mirage to tempt Alladin into giving over his immortal soul in exchange for Jasmine being released from that compulsion. The trick, however, was that whilst Jasmine would be free from that spell compulsion, she'd (or he, all considered now) would still need to be sexually satisfied (and quiet often) in order to not starve to death. In the end, Jasmine's needs would lay waste to her beloved homeland.

But in Mirage's haste (perhaps added to her still ringing head), she'd been too hasty and not only overlooked the damage to the egg, but also didn't put safeguards into her spell to avoid the magical backlash that had instead plunked her down into the PLACE of the Princess Jasmine, as a mere mortal! Oh, she remembered her former life, but everyone else back on Earth had always believed her to be the rightful daughter of the Sultan and the betrothed to Alladin! Not even Genie remembered Princess Jasmine having been the Sultan's daughter! As for Jasmine, she became by default the new Queen of Evil...and in the process had lost a bit of her humanity whilst Mirage had gained it. The concept of good and love became an abstract concept for Jasmine whilst Mirage got hit (and hard) with those concepts as a human being would (despite her still being a catwoman). She'd fallen not only in love with Aladdin, but with the city and nation she found herself in....and with being mortal! She'd never been this happy as an Elemental and thus, despite being mortal, was now whole!

She and Alladin soon married and had children (proving that she and he were cross fertile) and life was good for the most part, just now Mirage was playing (as it were) the role that Jasmine had played before this switch. Sometimes she'd look back at night and almost cry at what she realized that Jasmine had lost, but what was there to do? So, she kept her secret to herself...and most of the time anyway she forgot ever having been anything but mortal....

Meanwhile, back in Limbo, Jasmine had taken on an immortal (and rather manipulative) lover to sate her hunger. The immortal was named Hades, and as it turns out he had plans on how to use Jasmine AND Mirage.....which almost came to pass when (as his sources in the "upper hierarchy" had whispered) some chaos energy from another realm had whisked both away to a antechamber just before going to some kind of world with a nation named Daria on it. Some kind of silly Challenge going on that Hades had no real concerns over. If things went right, he'd get a lot of political juice over this bet on morality....

As an added bonus, the fate of some dimensional castaways (i.e. Scott and his family) would be torn to pieces for Hades enjoyment afterwards.....if things had turned out differently.

But as it turned out it had pretty much blown up in his face, in fact. He'd bet with his fellow immortals that if both Jasmine and Mirage were forcedly returned to their previous forms....they'd gladly take up where they'd left off and go back to their old lives. The joke, however, would be on THEM! See, whilst they'd both return to their original status....nobody back on Earth would have known about them ever having been anything but what they'd come to believe they'd been. In other words, they'd probably kill the now mortal Princess Jasmine, thinking her an evil demon and welcome Mirage....not knowing she'd be out to kill them all.

Hadn't happened that way, though. Jasmine had become seduced by the dark nature of her new form and demanded (and got) reinstated as the Dark Elemental of Lust. Mirage (much to her surprise) had found herself....empty inside and knew that the only way to be whole again would be to become mortal.

Thus and thus....

Humiliated, Hades had left in a huff so left the two woman to their own device. Mirage had said something biting, in defiance to Jasmine, and got magically gagged for her troubles. Jasmine had teleported the mortals (Scott and all) back to her palace dungeon in Limbo for a bit (how long is unknown....considering that time has a way of being odd in Limbo) before finally whisking them all down to Daria for some fun!

She'd appeared next to Samuel's position and cast a spell to put everyone out, more or less. It had made them all weak as kittens (and then some)

In a fit of whimsy, she transformed the human beings into humanoid animals, "furries" (she'd somewhere gotten a taste for fur) despite protests over the spirit of Vanessa (her first victim who'd hung around and acted like a conscious that she'd otherwise lost).

First to change by Jasmine's "furry spell" was the human male of Far Eastern descent and his family (who had been yanked along for the ride by Jasmine). The man transformed into a humanoid fox, now dressed in a modified Star Fleet uniform that allowed for the tail that now grew from his backside. In a fit of symmetry, Jasmine transformed both the man's wife and child (both humanoid cats, by the way) into fox morphs of the same species as the man. Something similar was done with Princess Mirage and her family for the sake of Jasmine's sense of symmetry. However, in this case Mirage stayed a catwoman. She looked the same but was changed on the genetic level. She was still cross-fertile with human beings, but any offspring such a pairing would produce would only be yet another "cat morph", her genetic coding becoming, on that score, becoming super dominant. As for Alladin his kids, they were turned into "cat morphs" just like Mirage....for reasons already stated (i.e. a sense of symmetry). Then, the evil Jasmine, turning the spell's force outward to those human beings within the spell's range (i.e. visual range), Samuel's forces found themselves changed as well. In a fit of mischief, the evil Jasmine decided to again change the spell's results slightly to create beings similar to a "toy" she'd been watching in some other reality. Each soldier in Samuel's army became a vixentaur whilst the camp followers (female servants) turned into male foxtaurs.

The spell probably would have caught Rebecca's forces as well if they'd been in plain sight. However, they hadn't so they weren't. The only person within range unchanged was Samuel himself....for reasons which will be revealed later....

Finally tired to the constant nagging, the evil Jasmine had transferred Vanessa into a living vixentaur body (as well as yanking her friend, Jim, who'd also become a vixentaur in another timestream) for later....meals.


Was going to at turn release each and every person within this bubble, fight with her food and then...consume them. She was immortal so didn't fear whatever tools or weapons that each person (mere mortals) had.

First victim was to have been Scott and as it turned out she instead became a victim!

On his way back to help Mirage, Alladin (now a catman) and his family up, he looked over and saw Samuel groaning and beginning to rise. Rembering something of his adventures in earlier lives in the Game 3 mockup of Daria, he recognized the man for what he was (remembered his time as "Karen" you see) and placed a hard and well aimed boot into Sammy's chin, knocking him cold! The bubble then teleported (as per Jasmine's spell) them all right next to Jasmine's next intended victim's.....

Some Demon's protest the turn of events with the Phobos phasor, only to realize they'd better shut up....considering they' a bit secretively in allowing Jasmine onto the playing field.....

The Angel known as Gabriel by some, meanwhile, is whistling and looking up at the sky, as if totally innocent.....

This happens out of sight of the mortal (and Champions), of course.....

And Scott blinks in surprise at seeing Illura AND Karen....on centaur back!!

  1. "Holy shit," a blond haired man mutters with the revolver in hand, looking down instead at the prone form of Samuel, "Should we kill him now or ask a few questions first?"

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