A Battle Averted

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 23088

Thanks to Prince Samuel's foresight in having had his tame magician apply a warding spell to him before leaving Daria, he himself has been unaffected by the transformation. But it hadn't been practical to have that done for his army. And that formerly highly disciplined force is now a shambles.

Though his men's minds have not been directly affected by their transformation into vixentaurs, they are naturally too disoriented and weakened by it to be in any shape for fighting for the time being. Furthermore they no longer have any significant level of testosterone, and their new bodies seem to proclaim: "Make love, not war." Finally, their armour and weapons have disappeared.

Much of the above also applies to those who have previously been female and who are now dogfoxtaurs. In any case, they are comparatively few in number.

So there is no opposition when the New Amazons and Champions, some of them finding it hard not to laugh, ride through the camp. (Though some of the Champions are a little concerned about the unexpectedly high recent rate of chaotic events, which it seems might well continue till the end of the month, at which point - assuming that Rebecca is still safe and well - they would be deemed to have "won" and could take her back with them to Terra Prime. And so far the month is only about one-third completed.)

Thanks to Scott's well-aimed boot, Samuel is lying unconscious when Cuthbert finds him. "Holy shit," he mutters, revolver in hand. "Should we kill him now or ask a few questions first?"

Before any of the Champions can respond, Scott speaks up. "I've no idea what is going on here, but for some reason I've taken an instant dislike to that guy. It's almost as if I feel that I know him from somewhere, though I'm sure that I haven't met him. At least, not yet. Maybe it's precognition. Even so, I wouldn't feel happy about you shooting an unconscious man in cold blood."

While Scott speaks, Karen has been staring at him. There seems to be something strangely familiar about this man.

"I don't know who you are," Jarlath says to Scott, "but I agree that it's not up to us to say what should happen to him. That should be a matter for the 'locals', I feel. Illura, I think you are probably the one who should have the final say. What do you want to do with him?"

  1. "I'd like to question him. It would be a big help if we could find out if Eric is alive or dead, and - if alive - where he's being held."

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