Stupid Disney Villian Mistakes....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 23077 the form of a human male of Far Eastern descent in pajamas, a humanoid black cat in French braids who'd been an evil person up until recently, and a Dark Elemental who'd been a good person up until relatively recently.....

She hears a purring groan as her head throbs in time to the heartbeat and it takes her a few seconds to realize that she is making that sound!

She is called Mirage, but she knows not this right now. Her life was reflected in Disney's Aladin, the series...until recently. However, she wouldn't know that either, even IF she wasn't suffering from some kind of spell induced (or whatever) forgetfulness...

She panics a little bit when she seems to have trouble recalling just who she is, but puts it aside for the moment. There are other things to be done before giving into panic. At least not yet, will she give in. At least she knows, somehow, that she is a princess and as such a certain amount of decorum should be maintained....

Cracking her eyelids, all she can see above her is a featureless black ceiling and for some reason she expected seeing something more. Like perhaps blue sky or something.

On the auditory scene, however, she'll be rewarded with somebody (a female voice that perhaps would have been pleasant but only brings chills to her spine). It spoke of . . . . lust and almost dripped with an evil that was. . . . repugnant to her.

The owner of that voice is named Jasmine, who like Mirage had her life unknowingly reflected in that Disney cartoon. Like Mirage, she would not know that AND given what she is now....hardly care. See, this Jasmine has turned evil.... More in a bit.

She, Mirage, pauses for half a second at a sense of irony there, that she should find evil repugnant, but it is gone as she listens on.

Listening is all she can do for she's too weak to do much anything else right now.

The voice seems to be giving a final, mocking apology to somebody named Vanessa (more on her later), and instead says perhaps she'd be more comfortable in a new body to match her friend, Jim (more on him later). That and they'd make a great "matching set" of statues....

Later, it will turn out that the owner of that voice seemed to have developed a rather perverse taste for....fur. However, that's something that will come to light later.

A flash of light appears in the peripheral of her eyesight and she sees some kind of large, centaur like creature form out of mid-air. They rather are not like traditional centaurs. Rather, she'd almost have to call them both "vixentaurs" in order to be more correct.

Author's Note: Go here to see what the vixentaurs look like:

http://www.lanset. com/furryplaza /images/pics /foxtaur/ vixtaur1.jpg

The vixentaurs both grow wide eyed and then swoon together into unconsciousness, apparently falling victim to the same....whatever (power? spell?) that was making her so weak herself. From both to her left and right she hears small cooing sounds that she automatically recalls as belonging to her children (!), Rajah and Cinnamon. But, they sound a little....different, somehow. That said, they seem to be delighted at the show they're viewing through their innocent eyes and laugh in delight as they watch the vixentaurs drop and collapse behind their mother, safely not crushing anyone in the process (thank God).

She struggles to reach for her children, but in fury finds she cannot. She's....too weak.

"Now for you," the evil sounding female voice says to somebody out the princess' field of vision, "I so do love it when Ah, but I see you have one of those silly toys you and your mate brought along with you! Use it, and see just how useless it is!"

A mean sounding laughter suddenly chokes off with a surprised scream as a screeching sound assaults the princess' sharp ears. She feels them pull back to her skull in protest.... And then her head spins as everything seems to come back to her and the weakness seems to ease off in a flash. She....looks up and sees a male humanoid fox standing over something after tossing aside some strange kind of weapon in disgust and muttering something about it being empty.

"A regular phasor is useless against a Dark Elemental like yourself, Jasmine," the fox whispers mirthlessly talking to a pile of dust, tail thrashing fiercely behind him in anger, "but not a product from Game 3 called the Phobos phasor. Guaranteed to kill almost any unwanted pest, supposedly immortal or not...up to and including you, you....."

He mutters something vile sounding about "stupid Disney villians" (?), rubbing his muzzle in disgust....and it all comes back to her.

The fox's name is Scott Chen and he had been originally a oriental looking human being from some kind of ship (a "starship"?) named Voyager. The ship had been first, according to him during their captivity up in Limbo, duplicated much against their will by some #$%@ named Q several times for some kind of dark joke (which will lead up to so much trouble between the Military and the Federation of Star Trek in another story thread) and then....insult to injury attacked by some kind of mysterious alien ship! Janeway (the ship's captain) had just hailed the other ship, per normal procedures and all Hell had broken loose! The computer got invaded in a matter of seconds (as if the security protocol didn't even exist for the invaders) and the entire ship had been flooded with anathezine gas! Somehow he and his family (a female humanoid cat woman and girl cat child) had been saved by a last surge of something called "chaos energy" within Scott, only to be soon captured and imprisoned by Jasmine, Queen of Evil and Dark Elemental of Lust.

A lot of what the human being hadn't made sense, but Mirage had listened all the same. Wasn't like she could do anything else, having been magically gagged by Jasmine after she become annoyed with her.

  1. This was after she had surprised him (and rather herself when you get down to it) by refusing such a tempting offer by that one "god" known as Hades....

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