The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2264

And finally the discussion is winding down, and Fred finally asks what has been bothering him and Astra.

"Sigin," Fred begins slowly. "It's now least to us, what you really are."

"Aye, this is true." the man says, wondering where this is going.

"Since that's true," Astra cuts in. "How is it that you are helping us? Not that we MIND, really, but..."

"But thee was wondering what the crazy dragon was doing," Sigin chuckles. "As in why the apparent defiance of the Council of Wyrms? "

"He isn't really," grins Synizn, tail wagging to show the happy mood its owner was in. "He is just paying off a blood debt..and since the Council hasn't gone and annulled those Obligations.."

"And while I'm ACTUALLY doing this a favor for an old friend," Sigin continues. "Those old farts need not know the truth...nor would they believe it even if they did hear the truth. The Council...doesn't have much stock in sanity. Magic and might, yes!"

As the humans try to swallow the latest glimpse into the bizarre arena of dragon politics, little Theresa begins to bawl...quickly followed by the rest of the brood! The little tykes feel something scary is about to happen, and are screaming in fright!

"What's the matter?" Astra says as she tries to calm the children.

Sigin walks over to Astra to ask if he can help in any way. He has formed a liking for the forthright young woman. He is a formidable man, and few ever dare to challenge him. Yet she did so even knowing of his dragon nature.

Before Astra can reply, she feels a chill crawl up her spine, and turns to see the others are experiencing the same things she is. Synizn's ears are perked up in agitation and his fox tail is fluffed out like some type of thistle other words every hair on his tail is standing on end!

Then Astra's mouth drops open, as she feels a sort of sideways wrench and simultaneously sees the figures of Fred and Synizn flicker and then abruptly disappear. The strange feeling promptly stops, and the babies cease their crying.

"What happened?" she eventually manages to ask Sigin. "I don't know exactly," he replies, "but I presume that it must have involved the Crystallic in some way - some sort of malfunction, perhaps? We must have been standing far enough away from Synizn to avoid its effect. I don't know for sure where they have been taken, but my guess is that it is most likely to be to our intended destination of Atlantis, since the Crystallic has a natural affinity for there. I don't think it's likely that any harm will have come to them. I think the best thing for us to do is to prepare to make our voyage as planned. If they are able to use the Crystallic to return before we leave - and the preparations will take a day or so - then all well and good."

So next afternoon Astra finds herself aboard ship, beginning the voyage to a point where they will be within dragon-flight range of Atlantis. That cannot come too soon for Astra. As she has told Fred, she is not a good sailor, though fortunately the babies seem fine. She also finds that every time the ship rolls her breasts tend to swing disconcertingly. At least the crew are impeccably behaved in her presence. Indeed, they even seem a little nervous, and she wonders just what Sigin has told them about her.

  1. Eventually the ship reaches the island of Havannnan. Although she is naturally worried about Fred, Astra is looking forward to the chance of riding on dragonback.

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