The landing and take off from Havanna

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2265

Sigin, Astra, and the children (in tow) leave the ship.

"Do keep the ship in one piece, Mr. Christian." Sigin murmurs to his Second in command. "I'd hate to have to replace her, and the crew. Good samples of both are hard to find nowadays."

"Yes sir!" Christian says sharply, and then proceeds to snap to to get the ship ready for her master's eventual return.

Getting out of sight of the ship, Astra watchs in fascination as Sigin morphs into a rather handsome looking bronze colored dragon. The children giggle and wave their chubby hands, thrilled with the show.

As the warrior princess and her young ones fly off to the spot in the ocean that Sigin will create a magical diving bell/bubble to lower themselves down to the watery ruins of an Atlantian city below.....several of the crew shudder and make warding sign at the sight of the Captain's "familiar" winging it's way off to do something for it's master......

  1. Dive! Dive!!

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