Astra Interjects

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2105

"Now that I'm no longer otherwise occupied," Astra says to Sigin, her eyes flashing dangerously, "may I make a couple of points? The 'rather busty friend' would prefer that people referred to her by her name. And she is quite capable of dealing with any unwanted attentions from your crew, thank you." Astra taps the dagger-sheath that she wears at her belt. "I may have seven babies in tow, but I have not forgotten how to use a weapon if need be. Make sure that your crew knows that."

I'm sorry if I gave offence, Astra," says Sigin. "I'm afraid that in the circles in which I mostly move nowadays, the speech tends rather towards the uncouth. And I must confess to having momentarily forgotten about your prowess as a warrior, as it came out in Synizn's explanation of this mission." "OK, let's consider the matter closed," says Astra. "And at least you didn't say 'remarkably busty friend' as you might have!" Sigin chuckles at that, and the brief tension is dispersed.

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