Lightning Sword

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 20859

Fred practises a bit with the sword he just picked up but can't figure out what's so special about it, until he lets the swordtip rest on the floor while examining the other weapons. A strange sound came from the sword now, Fred had never heard anything like it and so thought of it as a strange growling. The swordtip was glowing purple and some sparks flew from it.

"I think this is a powerful weapon.. Though I do not quite understand it." Fred moves to touch the blade with his finger but the creature stops him.

"That would be a very bad idea. The blade seems to unleash some serious magic on whatever it hits. Touching it could have... devastating effects. Trust me, there's a reason we leave these weapons alone, most of the time."

"Yes, of course," Fred answers, still watching the weapon intently to see if he could discover more. Or perhaps he understood it already.

  1. Take the sword and fight the dragon.
  2. Try it out on the creature.
  3. Touch it anyway.

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8/30/2008 6:38:05 AM

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