Fighting draons, in the sky

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8080

Nitch is confused at Lord Fred's current line of questioning.
It takes a minute to make everything clear.
"Aha!" he says. "We have an armory close by that we've been storing powerful weapons in. Anything that has a bit of magic in it, we keep in there, lined in lead. Unfortunately we're not resourceful to figure out exactly how all the weapons are enchanted."
A minute was all it took to get to the trinagular room. Fred searched many crates. Each was lined with lead dust, one of the few garunteed minerals that would block magic. Good idea. Best not to let magical thingamabobs interact with each other. The Wizard's University had a library where magic books laid about ungaurded and the librarian was now a monkey!
Crazy stuff but that was for later. Fred picked out a weapon.
What manner of weapon was it?

  1. A mace that left trails of pure blackness when he waved it.
  2. A bow and a quiver that never ran out of arrows.
  3. A spear that is can pierce anything unliving.
  4. A sword that growled when it touched the ground.
  5. A dagger that allowed him to jump real high. But it gave Fred deep feelings of anger. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
  6. Sais, which fired yellow bolts that seemed to do nothing at all.
  7. use ice sword

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