Above The Marketplace

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 20677

Astra stumbled forward. Purely by chance (not that she'd ever admit it) she find a lamp. It was one of those new-fangled technological ones, that activated it's oil when you turned a knob. Carefully, she turned the small, cold metal.
Nothing happened. Carefully she turned the small, cold knob the other way and the lantern flared on. It's treated glass gave the surroundings a green glow.
Just what were they in, that now had a green glow?

  1. Sleeping quarters. Fortunately empty.
  2. A mysterious maze.
  3. A library. (Hey, look who is writing this thing).
  4. A nursey full of two score cute little babies.
  5. A small garden. How odd, no sunlight could possibly reach this room.
  6. Another level of the empty marketplace.
  7. Astra's private study and exercise center. (Again with the books, Lots, do you ever quit?)
  8. Fred's kitchen.
  9. Velus' music room. (Huh? I thought he was poor!)

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