The Never Ending Quest - Episode 44846

Astra's first thought was that they must be in a library, for in the direction she looked she saw only books. As the light improved, her impression changed to being in a small room that was painted like a library, until finally she realized that it was only so because she was looking at a tapestry that had the image of a library embroidered into it. She looked around her and found there were other tapestries, and they all look so real, she was inclined to touch them, just to make sure they really were tapestries.

However, when she touched one, she found herself being sucked into it! She couldn't pull herself back out! and she was dragging Velus and Fred with her!

Which tapestry was she sucked into?

  1. The one depicting the library
  2. The one depicting gigantic trees

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12/31/2009 1:43:08 AM

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