riight, getting back to the story then

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19897

ok. The last page was pretty stupid so I'm going to just right this assuming Fred has slain tha dragon and he is back to his normal self, while velus has turned into a mouse. aww poor velus

Fred looked at astra. "well, that wasn't so hard was it?" he said.

She breathed in and out heavily. "No"

Fred stood for a second admiring the Red haired vixen he was now left with in the cave. alone. well, except for a mouse.

Astra dropped her sword. "So I guess our work here is done"

"Well not really" fred repied," we still have a couple of shoggoths running around".

"But that can wait...for now" Astra smiled seductivly.

  1. get out the popcorn kids. It's porno time.
  2. Fred gets a really big errection and falls over from the weight.
  3. Velus screams a mousey scream and runs out of the room
  4. Astra announces that they have just enough time for a game of chess
  5. Astra announces that they have just enough time to visit her family in Inland Australia
  6. Astra announces that her clothes are chafing her
  7. Astra laughes and turns into a giant stapler
  8. Fred conjures a bar for astra to dance on
  9. Fred conjures another girl to join the fun
  10. Fred conjures a boy instead. (heh heh arse intruding fun)

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