But then you remember you are in the third person.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19744

Astra uses a spell to "turn him into a mouse." By him, she turned Velus into a mouse (bet you weren't expecting that, eh?). Velus starts to freak out and run around yelling "NO! Not again! I had just got used to THAT body!" Strange how he speaks English now, isn't it? But fortunately for Fred, The dragon is terrified by mice (kind of ironic). It jumps back and starts to squeal like a little girl, giving Fred a chance to attack. He leaps up onto the dragon's long neck and with all of his Shaggoth powers, snaps its neck off. Blood and flames go everywhere. Quite bloody.
Next, Fred goes into another mental battle with his fourth shaggoth in an attempt to regain complete control of his mind. Unfortunately, the shaggoth says "I've had enough of this, I'm leaving." Then Fred splits in two like Ash from Army of Darkness. His shaggoth half gets up, steals some dragon blood, and procedes to attempt suicide... sorta.

  1. The fourth Shaggoth runs off to revive the fifth shaggoth and Fred procedes to kill all of the shaggoths in ascending order.
  2. Why bother clicking on anything but one now? You've come so far.
  3. Fred maries Astra and they raise Velus as their son.

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