Dragon Battle

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15423

Astra tries to run away, but you understand the dragon's strength and know that it's useless. Just as he's about to obliterate her you jump in the way. With the momentary shock created, you take a swing. The dragon counteracts with a torrent of flames. But nothing happens, not even to your clothes. You realize you're invincible. With a confident laugh you smack him upside the face. But you realize its not working. Then Velus runs in. The dragon turns to crush him with his foot when you grap Astra's sword and drive it into his heart. But the sword actually shatters. It looks like you'll never be able to kill the dragon until....

  1. Astra uses magic to turn him into a mouse
  2. Velus turns back into his normal self, who happens to have a shotgun
  3. The ground falls out from under you all
  4. you suddenly warp into a dragon
  5. Astra's father, a magician, runs in and scares him away
  6. Velus bites the dragon and the dragon starts bleeding
  7. The dragon turns into a pacifist
  8. you disappear
  9. The dragon goes blind because of years of proximity to his own flames
  10. Mohandas K. Gandhi does a sit-in to stop you from trying to kill the dragon

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Wilmot Peterson Jefferson (Jason Luna)

5/25/2002 6:54:40 PM

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