You Yesyesyes Again

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 18802

Josh has found a button marked Beklutnk somewhere in the staircase room. Fed up with Scott's misbehavior, and seeing no way out of this situation, Josh presses the button.

Amazingly, Josh only pressed the button once. Not twice, not two hundred times, but just once.

Within five minutes, something has happened...

  1. Scott gets "Beklutnked", whatever that means.
  2. A monkey in a bellhop costume shows up with a bag of peppermints.
  3. The staircase room butler appears.
  4. Scott has swallowed a dozen condoms filled with pure heroin. Amazingly, he's still alive...
  5. The state of Nebraska has disappeared.
  6. Scott attacks Josh and shoves him in a large hole in the wall.

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Ben McClellan

9/14/2003 11:28:12 PM

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