Josh goes down the hole

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 32536

Josh slips down the hole. Support beams poke slivers into his arms. He dislocates two toes on a steam pipe. He burns his back on a hot water pipe. He gets a nasty bruise on his left cheek from god knows what.
Finally he lands in the basement. Fortunately there was some smelly, dirty drop cloths that broke his fall.
Josh, still out of control, rolled off the cloths and bonked his head on one of forty laundry machines. (It was a big basement).
Josh picked out most of the slivers.
Then his head finally stopped ringing and he noticed who was sitting on one of the nearby dryers. It was...

  1. Julia Roberts.
  2. Astra, holding Velus in her lap.
  3. a Story Cop.
  4. Tuvok. He was dresssed in Janeway's uniform.
  5. Dr. Who (the first incarnation).
  6. Jarvis, the Avenger's butler.
  7. Bruce Banner.
  8. a Fed Ex employee with the biggest machine gun Josh had ever seen.
  9. Scott Chen. An older Scott.
  10. Sara Hewitt. Josh cheered in glee, bear-hugged her, then fell over doggy-form Jasper, who then bit his toes. (The injured ones, of course). Thank god for thick sneakers.

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9/16/2003 11:27:52 AM

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