Must finish what he started

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1637

After a couple of minutes of deep thought Fred began to accept the fact that he was a centaur stallion, and there probably wasn't anything he could do about it. He began to look at the bright side, afterall since he had no clue what the magical spell would do, it could have been a lot worse. Who knows he might have changed into a creature without a sentient mind or perhaps even more ackward then changing species he might could have changed gender. As much as Fred loved women he had no desire to turn into one.

Nevertheless this line of thinking began mystifying Fred. What type of woman would desire a horse man? For that matter had his brain been altered during the transforamtion to where he would now desire his lady friends to have a tail and a couple of other legs? I mean it wouldn't be that bad for Fred if, after this whole ordeal was through and the worst case scenario happened and he couldn't get changed back, he suddenly was interested in centaurs. Who knows maybe it would be fun.

However even though Fred wasn't sure what he was really interested in he knew a few things. #1 - His brain had changed enough for him to be able to control his new body parts that weren't there before. Afterall he was able to walk to the mirror. #2 - He still remembered he was Sir Fred and still realized he had a job to do for the king. Although a centaur now Fred still had the mind of a knight who was raised on chivalry. Even if the king couldn't recognize him right now he still felt like he had to be a good citizen and finish the quest he started.

Being a centaur he was pretty much assured of being an outcast among humans, but if he did kill the dragon and showed proof of it maybe he could become accepted back among his people... maybe...

So garthering up his only earthly possessions Fred the Centaur set off the kill the dragon. Even though Fred didn't want to admit the advantages of being a centaur he had to admit it was much faster and easier travel. In fact he really enjoyed galloping with the wind flowing though his long dark hair. Definitely a unique experience that only a centaur could relish. However, after a couple of minutes of travel Fred reached a fork.

While the right path was dark it was much wider and didn't appear to be that winding. The left path was brightly lit, but it was very thin and winding.

  1. Left toward the brightly lit narrow path
  2. Right toward the dark wide path

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