Fred is horsing around!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1628

Yes, Fred's body is growing to twice it's original size, and growing rapidly! Also the pain from the changes spikes and Fred passes out. The last thing our intrepid (if somewhat dense) hero sees is the magician muttering something about amatuers.

Fred wakes up an unknown time latter, feeling sore all over. The strange thing, he notices muzzily, is that he woke up in a standing position.

Fred looks around and sees that Belboz is nowhere to be seen. In his place is a note, a handheld mirror, his adventuring pack, his sword, and a fancy bow with a quiver of arrows. Fred makes a clomping sound (?) as he walks over and takes the items in hand.

He pauses to read the note:

Dear fool,

By now you've awoken and noticed that a few things have changed. I probably would have stayed to help you, but I have no patience for people like you! What in the name of all that you consider holy where you thinking?!

Anyway, good luck with getting anyone to believe who you really are. You don't even look or sound like anything you did before. I suggest you go and join the local Herd, because I rather doubt anyone can help you reverse such an uncontrolled transformation!


Fred drops the note and looks into the mirror, and drops it in shock. It shatters into a million pieces, which pretty much sums up Fred's future in the human-centric Kingdom.

Fred had seen a stranger in the mirror. The face was somewhat handsome, but totally unfamiliar. It was human looking enough, but out of a ragged mop of long, raven black, shoulder length hair, showed that his ears (while not horse's ears) came to definite points!

Fred looks down at his new body, and sees the truth. He has a muscular body down to the midsection. A mane of black hair stretchs down his human back back to the barrel of his horse's body begins. The horse's body itself isn't bad looking, if Fred is any judge of horse flesh, with a white coat, full bodied black tail, and muscular body.

Fred's no longer a human. He's now one of the rare nonhuman races that can be found in the borders of the Kingdom. He's a centaur stallion!

  1. Fred goes out and tries to find the local Centaur Herd.
  2. Fred can try to complete his quest, change in body or not....
  3. Fred tries to remember the address of the local wizard that works spells....CHEAP!.....
  4. Fred tries to remember the address of the local wizard that works spells he's looking for, but on his way out of the cavern.....

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