Muddled minds

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7084

Later, on his way back out the cavern, Fred feels a growing fear within him as new and darker implications build within his mind as to what his new race means to his future (or lack there of) within Allaria!

"I've got to get to Finias the Great!" Fred says to himself in his newer, deeper voice. It was totally alien to his ears, and that only serves to deepen the growing sense of fear that Fred is feeling within his hearts.


Yes, he feels the one he's familiar with beating within the humanoid chest.....just where it had always beat within since birth. However, Fred was dismayed to feel a larger thumping organ within the large barrel of the lower body he now wore.

He took a steadying breath, and then nearly cried out in alarm as he feels the second set of lungs inhale within the same ribcage that contains his equine heart!

  1. "NO....this isn't...." Fred begins to protest to the heavens above...and stops as both the world and his mind goes grey and vague......

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