Survivals and New Arrivals

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16074

As the muliverse dissolved, a man was watching.

He had seen so many deaths over the years. So many worlds fall to their enemies. But soon, the heroes gathered by the pyramid would be sent out on their mission. Soon, the time would come to strike back.

He observed the pyramid on another monitor and noted that the Champions from the destroyed reality who'd been present at the reality warp had been transported there. The Book was quite a piece of work. It had taken several centuries to build. It certainly wasn't easy to create a magical artifact that was capable of something like pulling out a group of people from a dying multiverse from right under the nose of one of his enemies' commanders without it noticing, but he'd managed, obviously.

The Book had sent out a call for him. Soon, he'd arrive in the Pyramid. First, he'd read the information on the heroes who the book had collected. From his headquarters, he could access any data collected by the library. He needed to read about the heroes, so he could keep them straight. Having that many counterparts of the same person around could be a little confusing, even for a powerful sorceror, without a guide...

  1. And so he looked at the information pertaining to...
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6/10/2001 4:26:03 PM

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