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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16066

Then, it happened.

There was no way to describe it. Agent 1 was not feeling pain, because he was not a physical being and was incapable of pain. To the extent that pain is a signal from a person's nerves that warns them that they have been injured, however, he was feeling pain.

He looked down on himself and saw what had happened. He had been breached. The Rules, Agents, and other miscellaneous cosmic authorities are not vulnerable to bodily injury--but they are vulnerable to what's called vacuum decay.

The vacuum of space is not pure vacuum. The Multiverse is overlaid on a more powerful vacuum, a thing of pure nothingness. Nothing exists there, except beings who even the Rules and Agents cannot comprehend--as well as the Crystallic, the only substance that can exist both in our universe and outside it.

If too much energy is concentrated on one spot of the universe, the lesser vacuum will rupture and the universe will be sucked into the greater vacuum, which has laws of physics quite different from our universe. Anything from our universe which reaches there, except Crystallic or anyone using it, is destroyed.

And now this was happening to Agent 1. He was being sucked into the void. And he was not alone. A being, a being of pure Crystallic, was nearby. It looked at him, mockingly, with eyes of pure white. Agent 1 saw who that being was. And screamed.

"But you're... you're..." said Agent 1.

"I noticed. Heh." said the Crystallic being.

And then Agent 1 realized what was really happening. He realized who the real threat was, and what had really been going on. He frowned. He may be a cosmic being, but in a way, he was all too human. Even Department members make mistakes.

He called for all the other Department members, but just as he suspected, they were dead. He saw every universe in the multiverse get sucked into the void. And he knew this was the end. And he had failed

Maybe this wasn't the end after all, he suddenly thought. Maybe there were somehow other multiverses, perhaps even with their own Rules and Agents.

And his last thought was, If so, God help them.

  1. Unbeknownst to both Agent 1 and his killer, however, the Champions were still alive...
  2. But for those overly tired of this crap....

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