Time for a Demonstration of Strength

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15971

The amazons and their evil queen, Arthema, an Astra analogue in body but not in spirit, had just been exiled to this largely uninhabited world. [14001] As they head down the brook, away from Fred, a group of people appears out of thin air in front of them. There are two young women, one of whom looks oddly like their own queen, a humanoid vixen (or maybe she is a vulpine woman, depending on your point of view), two men (for Dragon Synizn is currently in human form) and what can only be called a pixie.

The amazons briefly pray to their gods, for they are clearly facing something supernatural here, and then some draw their swords whilst others fit arrows to their bows.

  1. Synizn decides that this might be a good moment to adopt his dragon form.

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