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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15956

That's when the Doctor and the others come over. They meet and its' a pleasant meeting...

Their conversation soon turns to the incredible amount of food that the one known as Thessamar ix'latl ate.

"If we have to keep feeding her and the others like that......" Astra 9 sighs, shaking her head.

"Well, you could feed her these emergency rations," Eric Jones says, referring to the emergency supplies he always took around with him (even off duty).

Never know when a crisis will come up, so one must be prepared. The equipment and rations were so compact and concentrated that it all fit within a small backpack size pack.

"Well.....it'll do the job.....keep her fed for days with one tablet...really," Jarlath nods, "But....er.....don't those things have a rather.... bad effect on the bowels?"

The food tablets had been designed to be rather concentrated (one tablet per week) and low stool producing....but it also had a nasty habit of producing constipation in the consumer over prolonged use.

"I believe that the laxative will take care of it," Eric says with a slight drawl.

That is just about the time when Eric's son, Solik'tril Jones, decides to add to the conversation.

"It will all come out in the end," he says dead panned, but with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

The others look at him, then....

"Dad!" Jenny Elf says in an embarrassed, aggrieved voice as the other elves from Terra Prime break out in a fit of childish giggles.

Great, my parents and the Mother of the Wolfriders are having a second childhood! Jenny thinks to herself, ruefully shaking her head and then smiling.

"Uh, quiet.....' the Doctor says as Eric fights down a smile.

They all complete their meal (answering a few questions and hearfelt thanks for the Doctor for helping with Xoanon from some of the Nantucketers) and, after taking a rather circuitous route through town (to avoice future versions of themselves) the Doctor transports them back in time by TARDIS. Then they break to go off to their various tasks. The Doctor goes to see how Inquirer and the others are doing as they guard the Unseelie cursed while Jarlath's group gather up their supplies and gear from the General Store and, without even a flash of light from the Key, they go.

The Book had been hard pressed on places to send it's victims right at the end. It takes a lot of time and effort to find habitable worlds (the Book wanted them to live and suffer), and so it fell back on it's tremendous supply of books in it's libraries. Not only did it use the ones that the Freds and Astras saw in the upper part of the Red Pyramid, but the millions and millions of books down in the basements and sub-basements sealed away from prying human eyes. Some seem, if such was possible, to have been created by an angry young man who, tired of the usual "cyberpunk" stories, created a ray of light in a world of darkness. Some places have magic, and seem to go and seem to shout to the multiverse at large that you don't need high technology to go about destroying a world. Some realities "psychics" are so alien that to be incomprehensible to outsiders. Some of the worlds, the inhabitanting humans mentality is so alien as to make them an entire new species entirely.....

Thus, the Book has sent Fred to one of the stranger realities logged in it's tome libraries....

(Author's Note: This is taken in part from episode 15610 and 15633 by JH).

A Fred shakes his head to try to clear it. Somehow, he is no longer in the Pyramid, but alone on a bleak hillside. As he wonders which direction to take, he is distracted by his feet feeling uncomfortable, as if his boots have shrunk.

Soon, the Fred on the bleak hillside has had to discard his boots, and fears he may soon have to discard the rest of his clothing, as he is definitely getting bigger. Horns are beginning to grow from his head.

A stray, annoyed thought briefly floats through his mind as to wonder just how he'd gotten into this mess.....and what life could have been like if he'd just left that rather aggravating warrior woman known as Thessamar ix'latl chained up to that wall. He then curses himself for a sap....as hope still dwells in his heart for something to come from that rocky relation (he always had been an unrealistic romantic at times).

He sighs, then decides that that's the least of his worries at the moment. He then crests the hill, and sees....what looks like Thessamar ix'latl, along with several unconsious warrior women types. However.....Fred knows that this isn't the person he knows and gets aggravated over. First, ther just is an....air....to this woman that makes Fred....nervous. Second, since when did she cut off her left breast?

So deciding of getting well away, Fred went upstream of a brook he found. He wants to be well away from the amazons and any other human beings. Lord knows what would happen if a meeting takes place...

Soon, the evil Amazons awaken, wondering where they are.

Their queen....doesn't feel like her normal self.....

She puts it off as just after effects of whatever had happened to them. She and the others then head off down a brook they found nearby, hoping to eventually come across a river....then a city if they were lucky.....

  1. And so a bit later, Jarlath's group arrives....

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