A Tale Within a Tale....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16073

Synizn decides that this might be a good moment to adopt his dragon form.

However, for Astra 9 and Arthema, such trivial things like a large dragon that suddenly appearing within their midst! For these people, their attention is focused on their antithesis and darn little else. For them, the expect usual results of meeting one's doppleganger of legend happens (vice what has been the norm had been up to now with the D'Honaire/Thessamer/John clan). It can be summed up in two words: instant hate. The expected result of such an encounter with such "antithesises" . . . . almost always ends in death for one of the two. This doesn't always necessarily happen this way . . . . but this time it did.

Brave (though evil and brutal) as the warrior women who follow Arthema are, facing an actual living ancient dragon (a wyrm as the Dragonslayers term them) . . . . is well above and beyond them. The Dragon Fear that Synizn can exude in his natural form rolls off of him and either freezes the evil amazons in their tracks in sheer terror . . . . or causes them to run screaming in mindless terror to the far hills. See, only those people who either have associated for a long time with the draconian race or have trained to overcome Dragon Fear (such as those who are Dragon Slayers) can resist it easily.

For the most part, combat between the two groups has been adverted. However, there still is Astra and Arthema . . . . and they look ready to rip each other to pieces.

Such as things are, the unobserved viewer (a self proclaimed savior to a dwindling species), decides that things have gone far enough. The sudden appearance of two people in the middle of griffin territory had set off magical alarms . . . . drawing his attention. Unarmed as the first two were made this person decide to only stand back for a bit and observe. Now, with a dragon mage in his midst and all these armed fellows . . . . .well, something must be done and done quickly before his charges get hurt or worse.

Gods and Goddesses know enough has happened already . . . . .

So, a young seeming, tall man appears out of thin air with a glowing . . . . familiar gawdy gem in his hands . . . . ..and a powerful spell knocks everyone to the ground . . . . .asleep. Including those people originally observed by this person.

The pixie who still calls himself Fred groans and opens his eyes to see a man standing before a mural that tells . . . . a rather chilling tale . . . . Some of the details seem to speak to the young fairy from beyond the horizon . . . . for these details are NOT shown in the mural. Fred knows that some sort of eldritch magery is afoot . . . . helping enhance the telling of the tale of the mural.

The story behind these picture is rather simple. A warrior woman, with more brawn than brains, is in search for treasure and adventure. Hearing the rumors that the local griffins make their nests over exposed seams of gold, silver, and other precious items, she goes out - alone- and seeks to slay a griffin to claim her treasure. Wearing an outfit that better be magical . . . . .because it's not very practical otherwise . . . . ..

Turns out that there is a self appointed guardian wizard to these noble creatures who takes offense . . . . ..

1. The. woman approaches a likely nest, and the wizard pops out of nowhere and appears to be casting a spell while floating above the woman . . . . .

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures/ femgrif01.jpg

2. The woman gets zapped by spell and is frozen in horror (dropping her sword) as she sees her body begin to transform. Namely, it begins with her face . . . . .

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures /femgrif02.jpg

3. The woman finds that she can not speak. While plainly distress, the woman doesn't notice the rather lion like tail she's sprouted . . . . .

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures /femgrif03.jpg

4. The woman gapes in shock as her tail starts to work . . . . .

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures/ femgrif04.jpg

5. The transformation sequence moves onto the frightened woman's feet. They grow and change, tearing out of her boots to become very furry . . . . .and loin like!

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures/ femgrif05.jpg

6. Distressed, the warrior woman screams an avian scream of horror as we see she's rather noticed her new lion like feet and legs where her human legs had been moments before. The transformation continues on then to engulf her hands. They tranform into eagle talons and tear apart the leather gloves the warrior lass had been wearing . . . . .

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures /femgrif06.jpg

7. Gaining mass and in agony as her body magically begins to gain mass, she begins to fall forward. Her rather flimsy outfit, not designed by it's mage creator to withstand this kind of abuse from it's owner, begins to snap. The lower portion snaps as her waste begins to thicken . . . .

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures /femgrif07.jpg

8. She falls to all fours, still gaining mass as she continues to change. The rest of her skimpy outfit burst apart and her winged helm falls, revealing the rapidly changing ears and head underneath. However, fur and feathers are rapidly covering what the skimpy leather out had covered (not too well) before.

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures /femgrif08.jpg

9. Still growing in size and mass, wings sprout from her back and unfurl into their full avian glory.

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures /femgrif09.jpg

10. Physical transformation complete, the new griffiness opens her eyes. A close up of her face reveals she's quit scared . . . . .undertandably.

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures /femgrif10.jpg

11. Knowing that there is nothing left of her old body, she then finds that another griffin has made the scene. This griffin (male) has a rather randy smile on his beaked face . . . . . We also get the feeling that something mentally is happening . . . . as final step from human to griffin to the would be nest robber . . . .

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures /femgrif11.jpg

12. If the closed eyes and ecstatic, dreamy smile that the new female griffin has is any indication . . . . .she's now a griffin in mind as well as body. The end shot with a male griffin meeting his new mate . . . . and the smiling wizard patting himself on the back for doing his part in saving the ecology of a fantasy race.

http:// www.geocities. com/ weaveworlder2002 /Pictures /femgrif12.jpg

Turning to look down at the newly awake pixie, the young mage (the one depicted in the mural) frowns.

  1. "What in the name of the gods were you doing on griffin grounds?" he says in a mild voice, polite as you can be....

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