The Policy of Truth...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16122

"What in the name of the gods were you doing on griffin grounds?" he says in a mild voice, polite as you can be....

"Take all the time you wish," the young man continues, "With what some call the Underhill effect in this meditation room.....we have time enough indeed."

Fred, being familiar with how time flowed differently in the realm of the Faire Folk in legend, had an inkling of what that meant....

Anyway, Fred, if he'd been still human, would have been tempted to at least try to bluff or make some convincing lie under different circumstances (under Fred's system of honor....lies sometimes came under the heading of "tact", "good manners", and "diplomacy"). However, he was presently a pixie and as such meant he had a harder time at concealing the truth (he experience emotions.....sharper and deeper than he had as a human.....and as of yet couldn't suppress the trembling of his wings that happened during the few times he'd attempted to lie in experiment). Finally, there was the fact that this young seeming, tall man...whoever or whatever he really was......was incredibly dangerous. Before he'd blacked out, Fred had seen this man cast his spell. From the unconscious bodies around him the man had also managed to magically knock everyone! Everyone, including the very person that they were after.....if Fred's senses were right! Everyone including the evil Amazons (who's leader appeared to have been accursed with the Unseelie Curse and was just starting to show signs of it). Everyone, including the very powerful new mage friends of his! Oh, this feat of magic might may lay within this world's version of the Crystallic (Fred recognized it for what it was), but there was something....more to this young seeming man. A man who seemed young, but had an air of ancientness to him.

Dare he try to bluff?

Considering that Fred didn't consider himself crazy, he dare not!

Fred wasn't sure about this man's sanity, but at least something good could be said about him. First, his friends are still alive (a good sign). Second, none of them had been turned into something else like that poor, foolish woman in the mural. Third, why not?

"We....were trying to find that one, I believe," Fred the pixie begins, pointing to the one that he knows is the object of their quest, "As for trespassing.....we had no intention what so ever at that...."

So, feeling like he really had no choice, Fred the pixie tells the tale of his friends and himself, and why they had come to inadvertently trespass on gryphon grounds.

As soon as the pixie finishes, the young man, after checking a medallion he'd been wearing, smiles a bit ruefully....

  1. "Little one.....I've heard many strange tales over the centuries....but I must admit that is one of the stranger ones," the man says, still smiling.
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