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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15852

By way of Rifts Earth

No mention of the Astra they'd met nor the business of the Red Pyramid is mentioned...... That's in another adventure thread.

As the group travels inside the transport, Rugen apologizes for having sounded a bit short back at the meeting place.

"It's just that we had been expecting you much earlier when Rule 1 said that Roland was finally coming," Rugen explains, "What with the area where you entered being known for harboring human spermists left over from the shakeup in the Coalition States, the longer we stayed in the area the more likely trouble would come of it. However, we sure as Hell weren't going to travel through this area with those filthy murderers about."

(Author's Note: for those interested in what all this stuff is about should read from episode 7830 to 7840).

More would probably be said and things discovered (things like why Morgana wasn't there also to greet the adventurers and such). Some of the magic using ones of the group know there is a lot more magic in the air (though they had no real way to measure it....not without the proper magical apparatuses) and wanted to ask about that. That and ask about why this Earth was nicknamed "Rifts Earth." Queen Astra knew part of the reason why to that one since Betty and Ragan had talked to her about several role-playing games like AD&D and Rifts (the idea that somebody would actually make a sword and sorcery game that reflected the environment she'd grown up in was still still bizarre to the Amazonian queen), but her thoughts were on other things..... She was surprised at how many Champions Rugen said were on this world (a bit more than 100,000....offspring of Morgana Wordeni through medical/technological methods to save her race from extinction). Rugen might have told them about the Astra who'd they'd come across and where attempting to save if something hadn't come up...

See, word has come of an assassination attempt by a suicide bomber (with Coallition sympathies) who'd taken out the majority of the leadership of the high command that lead the forces that Rugen and the others elves were a part of. Rugen and Morgana were rushing to stabilize the situation and keep things from going amok. Talk was that there was a big push for both to become the new leaders.....

So the adventurers are rushed off to their next departure point without much fanfare. The adventurers don't complain, understanding the dangerous situation about these parts.

So they step into a new world with few people on it, their last world before their goal, the Dark Tower!

  1. What they meet here soon...what happens and why Roland would put down as Ka (also known as Fate).

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