The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15851

"Now, Eric......when did you become a Champion?" Queen Astra asks the proud father of a elfin son, "And while we're at it, I was rather expecting Ti'mma's parents, not you. No offense."

"None taken, your Majesty." the mechanic says. "The short of it is that with the business of Champions from now on being the offspring of Champions, Ti'mma felt to broach the subject with the Rules and Agents about the Question of Rayek in this regards. Since even in those Celestrials book she's the mother of all the reincarnated elves from the World of Two Moons, as well as the only two surviving elves like Jenny Elf....and Rayek, they'll all get the option of Championship at age 18. That is, except for Rayek."

Reasons as to why are already known by both.

"They don't want him," the Queen guesses. "But that left an interesting opening...and Ti'mma then insisted on you being given the chance at being a Champion."

"Right," Eric nods, then continues in a whisper so even those with super sharp hearing can overhear him "Then, while all of this is happening.....while I and my son are catching up on what's been going on in school for him. My son pops out of the room to get the graded project he's so proud of to show me.....in pops in a TARDIS, out hops the eighteen year old Ti'mma. In pops in a Rule, 179 to be exact. He asks me this question. Poof, I'm a Champion. I haven't told the young Ti'mma about that part....but I'm pretty sure she already knows. Still, why court trouble with time travel paradox, even it is pretty obvious to her. See, the adult Ti'mma said I never told her....."

Queen Astra nods and Eric chuckles ruefully.

"Soon Ti'mma shows up and tells me about a message that you contacted her to meet you here and use the Crystallic to accelerate the healing process," the young man finishes, "It would look strange to Dr. Vincent, according to Ti'mma's parents, if they AND Ti'mma went to Nantucket Earth on a lark. However, if I, a new friend to Ti'mma and family, should go on a little lark here....along with her new friends......"

"Misdirection to keep Dr. Vincent's mind focused on the task at hand," the Queen sighed.

Regrettable, but she like the others knew how the good Dr. Vincent was when presented with an new and interesting puzzle. Ignoring almost everything else until he solves it, sometimes.....

He also mentioned the assist a Rule and Agent had given in "explaining" to the balky CO of his division why immediate leave was needed to be given.....like now! That brings a chuckle from Queen Astra, seeing it in her mind.

And so after the baptisms and the healings, the Queen Astra's group (after Queen Astra promises to Marion Alston to return to take care of business of court appearances for William Walker's trial and formalized trade talks) head to the spot they'd been going to in the first place on their way to the next world (the very abandoned house that Walker and his cronies had been hold up in)......

They step through a wardrobe door, but do not meet a witch or lion. Instead, they meet Rugen and several other elves who'd been wondering what the delay was.

As they take a transport back to a nearby friendly town, they all fail to see Jarlath's group popping into existence near the very spot Roland's group arrived.

  1. No mention of the Astra they'd met nor the business of the Red Pyramid is mentioned...... That's in another adventure thread.

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