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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15850

"Life, is a constant transformation." she is saying to Count Yorga. "Since the Gods and Goddesses ordained life to reflect the world around it and vice versa, it stands to reason that sometimes life's path will lead to events that will reshape a person's body. It's a lesson of sorts, and not a cruel one at that. Demifox Fred and Demifox Astra are comfortable enough as they are now, for instance. What arrogance on my part can argue with lessons that They grace to the rest of us?"

Before this discussion, they had all agreed that the business with the Red Pyramid and the Unseelie Curse was an exception to this view......

Yorga looks at Queen Astra strangely, then decides to drop it. He himself was a staunch believer in his faith, but he also saw some wisdom in what Astra had said. Perhaps God's will was being reflected through those who'd been transformed (and were rather comfortable with their new forms). Heck, until recently he'd been a vampire, and now had been transformed back into a normal human (and boy was it nice to be back)....

"Also, there is the fact that with the massive release of mystical energy used by copies of this Crystallic on both Terra Prime and Earth Prime," Dragon Synizn 2 (who'd decided just recently to add the number after his name....after seeing the results he'd gotten from a mystical ritual earlier with his Orb of Nominus, privately) sighs, "Could well be that in addition to the will of the gods, whichever religious belief you have.....well, there is going to be darn odd circumstances, situations, and twists of fate coming from that for centuries to come! Including strange meetings like this. Hideous amounts of magic were unleashed in putting the world's ecology back to right! These 'side effects' could well reach out and effect analogous folk in other worlds, easily."

He waved at the gathering of Freds, Astras, and associated people around the table.

And to us all, for those who'd been exposed to a tremendous extent to the Atlantian artifact, Demifox Astra sighs contentedly, cuddling one of her demifox kits, Can't say that I can really object to all of it.

She smiled over at Demifox Fred, who smiled back.

"Yes, but I still believe we have on last item of business to attend to," the blue haired fairy woman, Ama'lis says, pointing to the various infants being attended to by doting parents. "Now that we have some relative peace and sanity, should we now get to naming the well as some other business?"

"Indeed," Queen Astra says, standing, "That of naming the well as joining the loving parents together is very important. While some have said that those of Terra Prime may have different moral standards than those of other worlds at roughly the same point of time in their timelines, duty to family is very Aqualaria, Ethiopia, the Manimal Nation, and various other nations as well!"

With much discussion it was found that to a person, the parents haled from worlds were it was a terrible thing to have children and be unwed, to be blunt about it. If something wasn't done soon, then it would be (in their book) an insult to their various gods and such (not something easily to ignore). Thus, in an open field Queen Astra performed an impromptu wedding ceremony, with Frank Marn and Marion Alston being drafted to act as witnesses and give away the various brides and grooms. Any complaints about this being beneath their station in life to be wed in such a manner are put aside when they remember that this is a QUEEN who's wedding them (i.e. very special).

Parents will be vastly disappointed do not be here to witness this in person, but customs are customs, so they'll understand. Besides, the wedding is being recorded on the PDAs (basically Star Trek PADDs with a bunch of extra features).....

"I just wish that my PDA had a current listing of help with the naming," she mutters, looking down at her PDA, "We have enough children running around with the same name as it is."

She then has a thought that could both solve this problem, as well as perhaps speed up the healing process on Susannah Dean to something faster than a week. The elves were renowned in the school of magic of bodily healing, especially with that of the young and unborn. Developed in large part to trying to saving each and every infant born to them despite their declining numbers and their sapped vitality in the regards of reproduction. There was one young elfin girl in particular who'd been studying under their emperor (the oldest repository of magical knowledge alive on Terra Prime).....

As fate would have it, though they had the very magical artifact to fix up Susannah Dean and her unborn child to make it safe to travel on to the Dark Tower no mages available to do the fixing around here. Dragon Synizn 2's magical expertise in this field of magic wasn't fine enough for the job, despite being an excellent mage. The other magically inclined members of her party are too new to their powers to feel comfortable in attempting this healing. The other mages were either too exhausted from the strain of breaking free of the Red Pyramid, involved in an exhaustive search for the non-Champions around Nantucket Earth trying to find and rescue them before they turn Unseelie, or were waiting in reserve.....husbanding their magical energies in the desperate attempt to cure the cursed non-Champions with the Crystallic if and when they got them all together.

Oh, she supposed she could have invoke her patron Goddess, Artemis, the Head Deity of the Greek Pantheon (Zeus had retired in shame after discovering his wife's role in the Hercules incident and her defection to the Titans, and as things would have it the Virgin Huntress had assumed the position her father had bore). However, before the needed prayers and sacrifices would have taken too long to be of any help to the unborn (i.e the little one would have expired before Astra could complete the process). After, well, we know that Greek gods and goddesses hate to be bothered with trivial things, now that Susannah and her unborn child weren't in danger of death, now.

She made a mental note to contact Ti'mma as soon as possible about this business as soon as she got back.....and blinked when somebody cleared his voice behind her.

"You sent for us?" Eric Jones says softly, bowing slightly.

Astra looks blankly at Jones for a moment, then remembers Eric from the wedding that she performed for Jarlath and his brides. He'd been a wedding guest in the background......

She also sees that Ti'mma is with him, but had expected her parents.....not these others. This was something that she'd ask about as soon as a discrete time. Right now, there was work to be done.

First, the naming process was needed. She takes the needed Aqualarian documents to make this ritual official and proper, nods to Eric....blinks again when she sees.....something about him that hadn't been there before at the wedding (and adds one more question to her list of questions).

Terra Prime (As the Fur Flies)

Children of Ke'lan and Li'reth D'Honaire - Radrieril, Eärur

The Children D'Honaire (Manfox Fred & Shefox Alicia) - Chayton and Elu

The Children LaPost - Allen, Pattrick, Merideth

The Children of the Griffins - Chaitanya, Lalitchandra, and Kailash are the child names of the male griffin children. Abhilasha, Jayanti, and Yashila are the child names of the female griffin children.

The Child of Rift - Gloria

Terra 2 (Walants 2)

The Children Thessamer - Ronald, Adam, Alexander, Judith, Meliena, Patricia, and Sabrina.

Terra 3 (Walants 3)

The Children D'Honaire - Thomas, Richard, Harry, Elizabeth, Elinor, Theresa, and Melisande

Terra 4 (Walants 4)

The Children D'Honaire - Think the children of Fred 3 and Astra 3 except that (you guessed it) they actually made it to Atlantis. And they even share the exact same names: Thomas, Richard, Harry, Elizabeth, Elinor, Theresa, and Melisande. Just put a 2 after their name (they've grown to actually LIKE that idea)!

The Children Vulpine - Adriel, Enyeto, Ohanko, Sahale, Tadi, and Wakiza are the male demifox kits. Angeni, Cocheta, Nita, Migina, Kitcheka, and Orenda are the female demifox kits.

The Child of Carradene - Ralphiel

Terra 5 (Walants 5)

The Children Thessamer - Arnold, Jonathan, Erin, Sylvia, Helena, Janicesti, and Sigourney.

Terra 6 (Walants 6)

The Children D'Honaire - Think the children of Fred 3 and Astra 3 except that (you guessed it) they actually made it to Atlantis. And they even share the exact same names: Thomas, Richard, Harry, Elizabeth, Elinor, Theresa, and Melisande. Just put a 3 after their name (they've grown to actually LIKE that idea)!

Terra 7 (Walants 7)

The Children Thessamer - Ian, David, and Celesti. They had died when born prematurely due to injuries received by their mother but were resurrected due to a synergistic reaction between the small portion of the Crystallic that had filtered down to them when their mother drank it to cure her demifox condition and the Crystallic that had brought them to Terra Prime.

Terra 8 (Thaobath)

The Children Thessamer - Jessica, Kayla

Terra 9/10 (Anina, Astra, and Temporal Paradox)

Child of Fred 10 and Astra 10 - Lydia

Terra 14 (Alternate Manimals Universe)

The Children D'Honaire (of Malachi D'Honaire and Dragon Fred) - Olivaw, Elijah, Klorissa, and Delmarre.

The Children D'Honaire (Manfox Fred and Shefox Alicia 3) - Sahale and Aponi

Terra 17 (Hannah, Village Lass)

Children of the Unicorns - Tyrik, Kiele, Sherrell, and Kymberlyn

Terra 26 (Betrayal at Bookpoint!)

Child of the Ogress - Jack

Terra 28 ("Balancing Act" or "Time Anchor Lost!")

The Child D'Honaire - Ti'mma D'Honaire

Earth 32 (Kitsune)

Children of the Kitsune - Moe, Sam, Godfrey, Kirsten, Tess, and Angie

Eddie Dean looks at the long list of names and shakes his head.

"Lotta kids there," he comments to nobody in particular.

"Agreed," Alston says from the side, remember her children from her failed marriage who'd she'd left behind due to the Event and the divorce settlement (her husband had hinted at what would happen to her and her carrier if she'd pushed matters).

She wondered what the future would bring, suddenly, and wondered what could have been....if things had worked out differently. One person in particular actually knew one possible outcome, but Frank Marn had been rather tight lipped about all of the details of what he'd read in Island in the Sea of Time. Alston, after all due consideration, decided to leave matter lay.

"Nice names that they'd used for the newborns....don't you think?" Frank added, smiling at the newest part of the documents.

Alston coughed, a bit embarrassed by it all. So would the Chief, when he heard about this.....

Terra 31 (Denom, Better Known as Fred)

Children D'Honaire (Fred 5a and Astra 5a) - Jared, Franklin, and Marion

Terra Shard (From Reality Shard to Reality)

Children D'Honaire (Fred 5b and Astra 5b) - Ryan, Andrew, and Ashley

Terra 33 (Lord Fred and Princess Astra, Demifoxes)

Children of the Demifoxes - Brion, Westin, Marcus, Jana, Adalyn, Keona

As the impromptu wedding witnesses talk about the fast weddings and christening of the children (who are now being taken to various religious folks to be baptized)......

  1. "Now, Eric......when did you become a Champion?" Queen Astra asks the proud father of a elfin son, "And while we're at it, I was rather expecting Ti'mma's parents, not you. No offense."

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