Collision Courses....and Ka

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15981

What they meet here soon...what happens and why Roland would put down as Ka (also known as Fate).

Oh, they all knew it would come about some day...

This kind of meeting might have happened earlier years earlier when a certain young analog named Fred 8 came into contact with the Champions. Before going the experience of dying and being held prisoner in his own body by the Thaobath, Fred 8 had....acted quiet a bit like how the father of Frederigo D'Honaire of Terra Prime had acted. He had been a social climber and opportunist in reality while appearing to the public as the model of nobility and decorum. He'd might have changed for the better when he had met Astra 8....but the experience with Thaobath and Astra 8 clinched the change in his personality for the where when the other Freds actually met him they didn't want to kill him straight away (i.e. the doppleganger effect).

  1. However, there is an Astra analog on this world.....close enough for both Queen Astra and Lueoth....feel her.....

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6/9/2001 8:05:45 AM

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