Strange Strangers

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15847

"But I was on my way to see if......." Marn then begin to say, only to be interrupted by a humming sound, and the sudden arrival of a man with a military cast to him and some elven children..........a bit older looking than that of the new elfin children from the mainland.

"Uh, who are you?" Frank Marn asks, wincing at how inane those words sound. "Can we help you?"

Marion Alston would actually like to know the answer to that question herself. Despite having being abruptly introduce to the wonders of the Voyager's transporters (and something about these other people's sudden arrival was similar to that gut wrenching experience).

The human turns and seems to recognize Frank Marn.

Point in fact he did recognize Marn, as well as the face of Marion Alston, if only through Queen Astra's description of them. She'd only recently returned from her quest for the Rule and Agents and hadn't told him everything since she had asked him to go to a place where she still was on the quest (time travel creates such annoying paradoxes) in order to take care of one pressing matter of business. He'd had a LOT of leave accumulated and his CO was understanding of the sudden abrupt request when Eric Jones had explained the reason WHY he was asking for it.....and WHO all was involved (the mention of the mythical Rules and Agents was the real kicker.....along with their sudden appearance to back up the request!).

Eric pauses as he looks over his young elven charges (who's practically begged to come along with him and the one other person who was the lynchpin to Eric's mission bequeathed on him by Queen Astra). He looks and remembers each of their rather strange story.....

There was the silver haired female elfin lass who had gone on a recent, dangerous adventure....but who'd had to explain just why she must be the one to go on it to her parents......

Ti'mma's story is told in episode 13085. Of all the elves who'd been named Timmains running around back on Terra Prime, this is the youngest. She had survived through a freak circumstance (horribly burned) at ground zero when the old and new Palace got meshed together, she was rescued and reincarnated as a Terra Prime elf (and through a strange series of circumstances is two years older than her reincarnated kin). Yes, a special elfin girl indeed.....

Then there was the silver haired elfin boy who'd tried to actually run past the gate guards of the Space Port where Eric had been stationed.....

Hathar'ruil's tale is told in episode 13603. Soon enough the confusion was settled and the young elfin boy soon cured of his identity crisis (the two sides of the elf within, actually parts of the whole, were soon united in harmony).

The next elven member of this group is a golden haired elfin girl named Nimi'aia and her tale is told in episode 13550. Soon, luckily, the golden haired elfin girl's identity problem was also solved as well, young and old sides united.

Eric's smile widens a little bit when his eyes fall upon his pride and joy. His son....who was a bit more special that the proud human even realized until a short time ago......

His name was Solik'tril Jones, a raven haired, green eyed elfin boy of eight. Adopted elfin son of one Spaceman Eric Jones (First Class), Military Spaceship Technician-Repairs/Maintenance. His tale is told in episode 13602. Like the other Terran elves in this group (Jones thanks God), both sides inside his son were united, and his son was whole again.

  1. The last members of his group was himself and one Jenny Elf....

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