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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15848

The last members of his group were one Jenny Elf and himself.....

Jenny Elf is a rather unusual elf indeed. Her basic story is told in episode 13249. She is a Wolfrider elf from the World of Two Moons (a world Wendy and Richard Pini told of in "Elfquest"), inadvertently visiting Xanth. She's unlike Xanth's elves in that she has very pointed ears, four fingers, her life force is not tied to a certain special elm (named elf elms), and is quite tall for an elf. Upon her arrival she got a magical talent that allows her to sing visions into existence for the sharing. She, however, soon finds herself on a mission to find her lost kin on Terra Prime, in the form of the other elves in this group! That includes my son.....her father!

My boy isn't on the cusp of puberty (and won't be for years yet) and I'm now a grandfather!!


And then there is me..... The story I have.......

First, let's answer the man's question.

"Yes, about that," I answer, "I am Spaceman Eric Jones (First Class), Military Spaceship Technician-Repairs/Maintenance, and these children are Ti'mma D'Honaire, Hathar'ruil Elbamaentariel, Nimi'aia, Jenny Elf, and my son: Solik'tril Jones. And we are here to speak with Queen Astra about a certain magical item she's interested in. Can you point us in the direction she and her group is?"

Marion Alston and Frank Marn look at each other, and Frank shrugs.

"We were on our way to see them ourselves actually," Alston says, "Here, we'll take you there."

  1. As they troop off, they talk.....

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