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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15811

A slight shake of the head tells them that she doesn't wish the Unseelie on Nantucket Earth in anyway, shape, or form! What with magic being real and all here, that wasn't a mad fear!!  So therefore it came to be that by needs these newcomers would be authorized access to ship equipment that otherwise Janeway would never dream to let them access! 

This and other hard to swallow facts are presented to the rapt audience at the Town Meeting, headed by the Chief Executive, Jared Cofflin.  A real happy event for many is the welcome announcement by Pamela Lisketter that, since there really wasn't a need for her any more (what with the Star Trekers and their technology....the question of long term harm to Mother Gaia wasn't really a danger any more.....was it).  Her retirement from public affairs was greeted by aghast moans from her more radical followers, and cheers from her many detractors (none more loud than those of Frank Marn).  Frankly, of all things today.....finding out from evidence Frank'd seen and heard from witnessing how Lisketter acted and reacted to those around her....the fact that her literary counterpart and she had been exactly alike had been most disappointing to Frank. That and angering. Similar people back at college, teacher, had practically shoved their opinions down Frank throat and would flunk Frank if Frank didn't agree with them. Fair dues. There were those of other generations who'd been like that as well who'd made Frank's academic life a living nightmare.  If they'd flunk him, he'd lose his scholarship (and goodness know how he'd pay for college then)! The thing that really had gotten Frank goat, though, was something peripheral. 

See, Frank had this uncle who'd fought in the Vietnam war and got paralyzed from the waist down and sent home. One day while Frank (very much a child) and he had been out at a restaurant a waitress asked in curiosity how he'd been injured. Frank uncle had answered honestly, and the waitress...... The waitress had spat upon him and said that he'd deserved it! 

She'd probably would have said more, hurting Frank's uncle more verbally, if Frank hadn't dashed his drink in her face! 

Memories like that still burned in Frank's heart and Frank afraid that Lisketter (and several others he's met over his lifetime)....are just too much like that self righteous waitress. 

Frank don't let it grow into a hatred and bigotry....but sometimes that memory still burns within Frank..... 

And thus his cheering Lisketter's retirement from the public arena.....

Before that anouncement, there are various intense discussions going on all over the room about "what it all means." 

Seeing that the others have things well in hand for the most part, Frank Marn finds himself over at the table with Roland's groups....and a bunch of new "Champions" as well.  He himself would like to know a bit more about these people and the world (or worlds) they come from.  Perhaps something in the way of trade could even be secured between this "Aqualaria" and his group and Nantucket?  Who knows?  Considering that he'd been basically hired by the Voyager to secure trade between the ship and the town of Nantucket, this was yet another duty to him above all else.


Anyway, after the emergency Town Meeting, it's getting to around dinner time and as thing would have it Frank Marn is taken aside by Marion Alston, the captain of the Navy sailing vessel, the Eagle.

"Why am I not surprised that you wanted to see me," he says, looking at the stern looking woman.  "I sensed that you still had some questions....albeit of a more personal nature than what was answered at the Meet."

"Indeed," she nods, her face a mask hiding what Frank feels is some uneasy feelings.

She pauses to look around before continuing.  Her South Carolinian accent making her words soft.

"You were the Voyager's primary source for information about Walker," she begins, "That was evident enough.  However.....in that.....book you read about Nantucket.  Er, did it.....concern anything about......me?"

He looks over at the woman with a look that tells her all that she needs to know.

"Shit." she mutters, looking away. In doing so, confirming that the fiction that Marn read in his book was very much fact in this universe....in as far as this Alston was like the one he read about.

Bad enough that there are people on the island that have guessed.....now my life is on the New York top ten list! Alston silently curses to herself.

She, by need, had an aversion to revealing the truth of the matter to the world at large.  Only clandestine encounters, if that.  If the truth had come out back before the Event, her military career would be over and she'd be out!

Oh, it wasn't exactly a secret.  The rumor mongers were wagging their tongues about her choice of lifestyle....even if part of it wasn't true (much as she wished it was....sometimes).

"All I know is that your literary counterpart is....dare I say it.....a lesbian," Marn says softly, not wishing others to overhear, "When I read it in the book it was entertainment, not a violation done by a Peeping Tom.  God must be laughing just about now about this whole mess."

"And what are your feelings about it?" Alston snapped suddenly, looking Marn in the eye.

"Don't give a f**k," Frank say bluntly.

Alston blinked and coughed, not quiet expecting such a.....frank answer.

"Voted for Clinton just so that.....thing....would no longer be a problem in the military," Marn continued, "It's the 20th century, for crying out loud.  Time to change.  If you're willing to serve your country, and follow the normal policy of no public displays of affection in public....which if I remember your literary counterpart was rather strong on that.  Private business should be private, and none of my business.  Wish I didn't know what I did know of your business, Captain.

Had a girlfriend back a few weeks ago....before a spectacular breakup as well, Marn added to himself, Personally wouldn't chose that "lifestyle" that you have, Captain, but that's you're choice.  Can't judge you or condemn you for it.

"Wish I hadn't voted for Clinton, now." Marn finished, "Campaign promise or no.....didn't like him going back on that promise."

Alston sees Marn is speaking true, and nods finally in agreement at the last part. 

"Err, Captain?" Frank then asks, a little bit embarrassed, "One question?  Tell me to take a flying leap if you don't feel like answering."

"Go ahead," Alston says, waving for Marn to speak.

"Did Swindapa ask.....er.....you if she was your girlfriend?" Marn blurted out quietly, "I thought that before that Town Meeting I interrupted before Lisketter spoke that that you and she......were already a couple.......but that look you gave when I smiled when I saw you two together...."

Alston blinked at Marn, bug eyed.

"She asks me?" she blinks, "Uh, no, she didn't."

Shit. Marn thinks to himself, embarrassed, That is embarrassing.

"Was the....question serious?" the Captain then asked, hesitantly.

"In the book it was," Marn says, shaking his head, "It was right about Walker and a few other things.  God knows about the last part, though, here.  We have a lot of deviations with this magic, the elves, that lady dragon who those hatching dragons around the Voyager adopted as their own Emperoress, the Doctor Who crap....." 

Marn points to the silvery spaceship that is still wandered off with town guards to keep the curious away.  The Doctor (the EMH) had entered the ship awhile ago apparently to aid the Time Lord Doctor, but was still inside.

"The Gunslinger stuff....and let's not forget my employers," he finishes up, chuckling ruefully, "Man, this day's been messed up from get go!  Get shot up five thousand feet into the air, grabbed by giant eagles.......well, the real Swindapa might be interested....or maybe not."

But I do believe that she is.....now that I let myself see it, Alston thinks to herself, remembering some....signs.   If nothing else, it would finish off some vexing questions in her own mind and heart.  This talk with Marn, strangely enough, gave her the courage to attempt it.....

"But I was on my way to see if......." Marn then begin to say, only to be interrupted by a humming sound, and the sudden arrival of a man with a military cast to him and some elven children......

  1. ....a bit older looking than that of the new elfin children from the mainland.

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