Furry Janeway makes the scene

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15809

"We learned of all this when a small group of Champions asked to use one of our shuttlecraft's sensors," the Doctor finishes.

I pray to God that they were allowed to use, Edward Solomon, Demifox Sigin's pupil in magic, finds himself thinking to himself.

"I do hope the Captain allowed them the use?" he asked in a more polite, reasonable sounding voice aloud.

He pauses in reflection as he remembered that his Voyager had less than a stellar first encounter with those of Terra Prime and their ally, the Military (and shuddered in shame at the stupidity he'd done in trying to stop what had appeared an evil act of genocide.....but was in actuality something a bit different....and more than justified if one knew anything about the Lizards).

(Author's Note: for those who wonder what this is about there were three duplicate furry/human Voyagers that the Military had encountered. One was Solomon's furry/human Voyager, rescued from admisted one last battle in the Terra Prime solar system. One was of a Voyager that had managed to get to the Earth of Star Fleet without outside help. One was of a furry/human Voyager that had been bushwacked by a stray Lizard patrol (and the crew eaten all except for one lone human Solomon and a missing Ensign and his family.....fate unknown).

Oh, it had proven later that somehow some unknown person had played one side off the other in poisoning opinions of various Voyager crewmembers (like himself).....but sometimes Solomon wondered if a sneaking suspicion that his Voyager would have been some kind of grand prank cooked up by Q..... That he and the others owed their existence not to some distant parallel universe.....but instead of being created out of the very power of the almost godlike being to somehow snub the arrogant Federation humans.....yet again?

Then again, where did it say that even the Federation never made a fumble? Never was wrong?

Depending on the time of the week, the demifox's opinion on the matter varied between one or the other.

"The Captain did allow it." a woman's voice says behind them all.

Solomon's ears stand up in surprise, for he recognizes that voice. So do most of the others in the room, for it's one they've heard on TV. It's the voice of Captian Kathryn Janeway, commanding officer of the United Federation of Planet's Starship Voyager. She and a small group behind her had beamed into town!

However, some quirk an eyebrow up in surprise when they lay eyes upon the face and body of the voice's owner. You see, the Voyager that has come to Nantucket Earth had aboard it. One was the human type that all of Star Trek fandom was familiar with. The other crew was an analogous version of the same crew, done up in anthropomorphic animal style. The "furry" version of Janeway (a vixen) had come to town while her human counterpart took care of shop back at the Voyager. She pauses and nods slightly when she sees that her presence does cause anything more than the raised eyebrow. Considering all that she'd seen and heard happened today.....it was rather understandable.

Her eyes fall upon Roland and his group (that reader of that strange King book) and remembers what Ensign Scott Chen had told of Roland in the past. Something along the lines of what you can find on some Internet sites in many Earths at:


If, through some quirk of fate she should ever be so lucky, she might be even to read a somewhat short (if overly rambling) synopsis of what had happened to the "real" Roland the Gunslinger after The Wastelands on one particular URL in an unassuming and out of the way parallel Earth at:


Maybe, sometime, she'll just ask.....and maybe if Roland is feeling generous.....he'll tell her instead.

Right now, she has other things to take care of than idle curiousity.

She does give the Gunslinger a diplomatic bow (Starfleet Academy perfect), in recognition to the way he helped divert an impending disaster with Flagg. Then one to the others of power in the room (also a gesture of diplomacy).

"I figure that with the evidence they provided.....it would be utter foolishness to impede them," she explained reasonably to those in the room, "When I child I read the olden fairy tales.....the tales of the Unseelie Court...."

  1. A slight shake of the head tells them that she doesn't wish the Unseelie on Nantucket Earth in anyway, shape, or form! What with magic being real and all here, that wasn't a mad fear!!

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