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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15594

The scene unfreezes for some and those who can, blink in surprise at the sight before them....

"Okay, I guess the nest thing we're going to have to look out for is green radiation from outer space?" Frank Marn mutters, blinking at one of the newcomers to this room.

"Huh?" Jake asks, glancing over at Marn, not familiar with the movie Heavy Metal because he was too young to see such a movie AND.....this adult cartoon movie hadn't ever been made in his reality.

I'd like to echo that, kid! Eddie adds, staring at the people before them, some of them rather short....with features of a fox thrown in, I swear, with all this insanity with this Stephen King crap and all this other luney toon stuff, I'd not be surprised to see Elmer Fudd running around with a bloody axe screaming "Wed Wum! Wed Wum!!"

The one who looks like James Dean done up as a biker smiles a little, seeming to overhear Eddie's thought.

Interesting idea, but a bit over the top, actually....and I fear what the final result of what an insane Elmer would do with that ax, alas. a stray thought seems to drift through the former drug addict's mind. Eddie blinks, knowing that as the James Dean type nods.....that this Agent of Chaos (a term that pops into Eddie's mind from somewhere) is the thoughts source.

"You're....from the Dark Tower, aren't you." Roland of Gilead whispers, looking at two of the more mundane (but somehow more......awe inspiring) members of the group. It wasn't a question. He knew that they were, not knowing how he knew it (he had a knack at that stuff), but knowing it was true. It stemmed in part to the fact that Roland was a bit psychic (amongst other things).

"Yes, and we look forward to greeting you once you finally arrive," the grey suited (and skinned) man of the odd group answers, smiling a small smile, "We'd take you and your friends directly, but at least we could aid you by sending our Champions."

"Pardon me for interrupting," the Doctor (the holographic one, not the one dressed like the Phantom of the Opera, sans mask) finally manages to ask, perplexed. "But who are you all and what is this Dark Tower?"

"I am Rule 1 and this is my counterpart, Agent 1." the Rule says simply, gesturing over (and up) at the James Dean type, "And as for the rest.....our fox tailed friends and Roland will be able to answer the rest."

The rule gestures at the family of kitsune (a term that came to all the others mind....though not all knew exactly what a kitsune was) and over at the still frozen demifox apprentice mage, Solomon.

"We've almost been here overlong, alas." Agent 1 sighs.

With those last words, the two figures fade. And with a shout Lady Joshine's missing memories pop back into her head.....and Frank Marn sighs, almost feeling like a heavy weight was lifted from his shoulder. Frank would later find out that the "Chaos Energy" that he'd been cursed with was now gone (and good riddence)! Frankly, Frank had found it nothing but trouble (an opinion somewhat influenced by his nearly falling to his death upon being ejected thousands of feet into the air earlier this morning, by his reckoning).

And so the Doctor (the EMH one) and the others of his group learn of many things after Roland and the others calm the situation between the aghast Dragon Synizn and Queen Astra (after all, the situation had been strange enough to shock the Dragon Mage into acting the way he'd acted).. The Time Lord and his friends join in on this. They learn that the female kitsune (the Vixen....or just Vix to her friends) had made that call to this TARDIS from the earlier version, at the Rule's bequest, and got the other Doctor's attention. They learned of the kitsune, who and what the were.....and had been (how the elder kitsune had come into possession of their bodies....through a process they couldn't have stopped). Why they had a thief to Crystallic of their world stolen from their Synizn (which had turned out so disastrously later on). The kitsune looked surprise that their story (as true as it was) was believed. But they soon found out that since the Rule and Agent thought so good of them that they'd offer them a chance to become Champions said something good about them. That was later. They learned that the kitsune, like the demifox mage apprentice, Solomon, was going to try to help those of this world adjust the best they could to magic..... They learned that the holo-Doctor was already familiar with the idea of fiction imitating life and life imitating fiction (he'd learned that much when the Voyager's crew first found Scott Chen so long ago). The others learned also that the holo-Doctor had something of a large ego when he almost preened in pleasure when Betty and Ragan told him about him being one of the two favorite characters from that TV show...... They learned, theorized about the nature of reality (about how the universes seemed to be rather near each other for the author's mind's being able to dreamed up the various stories of fiction....that weren't so fictional after all), and said much before they parted ways. Much knowledge was imparted, all in the matter of minutes (though it took several hours....much to the confusion of the EMH.....some type of time dialation had taken place around Roland during this "palavaring"). Seems that such happens and was ordinary for him and those of his world....and he still carried it around him like a cloak....even though he now walked through other world.....other than this....

The TARDIS grind out of existence (off to where New York city would havesomeday stood) as the others watch, and William Walker groans softly from the spot he still lays, broken and bleeding. The Doctor blinks and rushed over to Walker, having overlooked the injured man before (not having spotted him intitially).

The holo-Doctor would later on have bouts of what he'd call shivers when he'd think about that stuff he'd learned about.....

  1. Right now, however, the police force of Nantucket as arrived on the scene....and are shocked at the mess!

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