The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15533

Follow the happenings going on in Nantucket through the eye's of Roland's and Queen Astra's group?

Back in a house at the outskirts of Nantucket, after a fierce gunbattle......inside the TARDIS (a bit before it's set out to pick up Malachi's group..... a bit of time travelling paradox is happening here. Some of what happens next hasn't....happened yet.....

Eddie Dean is almost besides himself in worry as the Doctor (the bald, holographic one, not the one who dresses like he's going to an opera) and two other newcomers work over Eddie's prone wife. Suddenly, the "communicator" that Frank Marn (one of those newcomers) gives off a piercing whistle....causing all to jump in surprise, and then a bunch of frantic voices come the device!

"Wait a minute!!" a young man shouts over the communicator "That's almost sure suicide!"

"I fear that the young mage is correct," another man's voice (deeper, older seeming) says, in agreement.

"Uh, who is this?" a female voice which is similar to Queen Astra's voice, but a bit higher and.....younger seeming? Almost a child's voice, really......

"Dragon Synizn?" the young unidentified man blurts out, "Are you, Probe and the others trying to get us out of here?"

Who are these people? Eddie and the others ask themselves.

Frank fiddles with his communicator, having no luck at contacting whoever is on the line, or turning it off....

"Wha....uh, no....," the older man's voice says, sounding embarrassed, "The name is Synizn, but..... I'm not the Synizn I think you're confusing me with....."

"Who is this?" yet another yipping, different, girlish voice snaps over Marn's combadge, "Synizn is dead!" It seems that the others on the line don't hear this newcomer....and Eddie is getting annoyed at the chatter....

"Okay, who's been playing with the communicator?" yet another female asks over the combadge. They recognize it as the voice of that one golden haired elfe, B'ellana grumps over the combadge down at both her own communicator.

"Well, whoever they are, take a message!" Eddie Dean shouts over at the annoying communicator that "Frank Marn" is looking at in askance. "We're in the middle of a little problem here!"

Jesus Christ! Eddie swears to himself, If I lose Susannah due to these distractions I'm going to hunt down those owner's voices and.......

"Don't panic," the holo-Doctor scolds, administering a final touch with his medical instrumets, "She'll be as good as new....and so will Susannah here."

Eddie's head snaps around back to the Doctor, blinking in surprise! Frankly, the wounds had looked grim....and it does rather seem too early for the Doctor to be done here!

Susannah Dean is unconscious, so makes no contributions to the conversation.

"However, I recommend a week of rest for her and her child's sake," the EHM continues, "Else I'll make no guarantees to either of their continued survival."

Eddie just looks dumbly first at the Doctor, then over at Roland and Jake....

Roland nods, guiltily fighting down an urge to insist on pushing on to the Dark Tower despite the danger. While his quest for the mystical edifice still burned within him, he wasn't that consumed (not any more, at least).

As for the danger he keeps hearing about what this Xoanon poses, there isn't much he can do about it at this time. The best course of action, he feels, is to wait. Besides, if the future version of the people who landed in the middle of this strange town are around....then it boded well for the future (or....the past?.....this time travel business made the Gunslinger's head spin, despite his recent ordeal with Jake)......

"Ack, they'll be water if God wills it," he mutters, sighing.

Dragon Synizn, recognizing the voice of the dragon mage coming from the other end of Queen Astra's PDA system, forgets his manners and grabs the device out of Astra's hands to speak with his "brother" (earning a glare from her and making him pause in his bad manners and wondering if that had been such a hot idea....the grabbing business).

Eddie, a lump in his throat, moves to go over to thank the Doctor just as Frank Marn looks over at the Gunslinger in askance, but the scene freezes for him before he can speak......

  1. The scene unfreezes for some and those who can, blink in surprise at the sight before them.....

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