Fog of War....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15531

Later, what little he'd remember of this battle would be for Walker, the only remaining survivor of the combined conspirator forces, very jumbled and fragmentary.

The battle will prove to be fast, furious, and bloody (bullets, and elfin arrows, and spell bolts, oh my!) As for his part in it, he summed it up, right before being hung later on, was that he'd gotten his ass handed to him . . . .by a bunch of rejects from Fantasia, Shane, and one guy who'd have kicked Bruce Lee's ass easily!

He should know, he was a black belt in the martial arts and when he'd attacked the one named Synizn (that's what he believed the others called him) . . . .and he'd hit three of the four walls of the room before hitting the floor . . . ..a body with bruises and broken bones in the most interesting places imaginable!

In addition to having studied meditation techniques, Synizn also learned from those Eastern Dragons (who so loved to hide in plain sight as ordinary monks and such) . . . .the art of self defense a LONG time ago . . . ..and has been practicing that Art ever since. Enough to overmatch a desperate traitor who, upon seeing an apparently unarmed opponent standing between him and the safety beyond the door behind the dragon mage, tried to knock the mage aside in his desperate flight as the gun battle began.

Walker got knocked out early in this battle, and though severely injured, is lucky (or perhaps unlucky) enough to survive! However, not all of those of Roland's Ka-tet go unscathed. Susannah Dean, still somewhat unused to having whole legs after so long in a wheelchair, wasn't quiet quick enough to dodge a few shots from a conspirator's wildly fired gun got injured to the point where Synizn and the other magic users of the group are leery. Oh, she'll survive, but the worry is the unborn child within her (Eddie's child, conceived before that . . . . . . ..distraction job on that demon of the standing stone she did when Roland and the others rescued Jake). (Author's Note: read The Waste Lands by Stephen King or go to this website to understand what I'm talking about if you need:

www.geocities. com/jordanlund /dtfaq3. htm).

However, due to a mysterious caller from the Sevateem enclave on the TARDIS' telephone to it's counterpart back on Terra Prime of 1511 AD, a Time Lord and his companions (and one extra Champion) quickly load into their TARDIS and arrive back on Nantucket Earth . . . ..not exactly breaking important rules to time travel, but . . . .er . . . .bending them a bit.

They quickly enlist the aid of the holo-Doctor (who'd been looking after the rather upset Lady Joshine, who'd awoken to a tremendous headache . . . .and being five years older than she figure she should be) and Frank Marn (who volunteers to be a stretcher bearer if nothing else). So, when the TARDIS arrives to drop off the holo-Doctor, his volunteers, and one demifox mage in training, the TARDIS speeds off to intercept a group of Champions who are winging their way down to Mexico to see about what they can do about a Red Pyramid.

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  3. Follow the happenings going on in Nantucket through those who are now of Nantucket Earth (the Nantucketers, the Voyager crew, and such)?

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